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  1. I'd pay extra.. 2 past masters of the sport and their besties bringing the entertainment and the knowledge all at once.
  2. Peyton is so knowledgeable. Enjoying the heck out of watching him and his brother taking apart the offense and showing us how it ticks.
  3. The Seahawks have one of the bet DLs in football. Sometimes the best get beat by the best.
  4. I see why you thought that. The Patriots got James White, a similar player, for 3/12. But Hines is a more explosive runner than White and Hines is younger so I can see why they arriived at this number.
  5. Seems like good value. Hines is a very important player in the RB room.
  6. Not even a #1 CB in his prime when it's a position of major need for a team trying to make a run? I recall saying this a few times before, there's time to keep your powder dry and there's times to take those carefully hoarded resources and try to win with them. If Ballard is a hoarder who doesn't know how to flip the switch when the time comes we're in a certain amount of trouble.
  7. I agree they're a good organization but Ben is just too old. I think last year was their last shot until they find a new QB. He could prove me wrong but that's just how I see it. It's not like Brady who seems to be immortal, Roethlisberger's skills are visibly declining.
  8. Here's another bold prediction: The Colts and Patriots will make another big trade, this time for veteran pro-bowl CB JC Jackson in exchange for 2 future second round picks. If the Patriots do look like they're falling short Jackson is in a good position to be traded at the deadline this year, since he's a player who's worth a good return for them. Meanwhile Bill can do a lot of damage in the second round and from his perspective, years of solid play plus 2 second rounders for an undrafted guy is an absolute legendary win If we're in the hunt, cornerback is one of the obvious areas that needs help. Jackson is a great cornerback overshadowed by Gilmore on that team but he could be THE guy in Indy. I think a trade for Jackson could be a win-win for both teams right now.
  9. Sorry I don't see the Jags getting there, at least not this year. Lawrence is good but that organization is dysfunctional and their offensive line is poor to say it mildly. He's gonna be Lucked/Burrowsed pretty badly and it's hard to be effective with that going on. with what quarterback?
  10. Oh I agree with you about The Bears, but I think Fields is just that good. he's gonna be the guy who saves the terrible coach in spite of himself, like Manning did for us a couple times IIRC.
  11. 1; Game 1 vs Seattle: our offensive line will struggle more than expected but the Colts will squeak out a win 2: The Colts season on offense: 3 different Quarterbacks will start for the Colts this year 3: The Colts season on defense: The secondary will become our strongest unit this year 4: Who wins SB: Patriots. Mac Jones is the real deal. He played so well in the preseason that they heaved Cam over the side, that should make it clear that they're really confident in Jones. He plays a style of game that team knows how to make good use of, and Bill has spent a mint on shoring up the weaknesses of the 2020 team. That organization is too well run to stay down for long, even without Brady. I think the Patriots are back in the hunt this year and with a decent shot to go all the way. 5: Most improved: The Bears. If they don't screw up Fields I think they could make some noise this year. They've still got a good front 7, if their offense can finally gel, they could have something.
  12. Sorry, Manning was not better than Brady. 4-12 in head to head matchups paints a pretty clear picture, And Brady is STILL getting it done. that said, if you had to face Brady, there's no QB who could take the fight to him better than #18. and if he's #2 behind the consensus best QB ever to play, I'll take that.
  13. Nah, Rodgers has played himself out of the discussion. He's going to go down in history at about the same level as guys like Brees and Marino. Elite players but not transformative talents. Brady and Manning both had the gift. The ability not just to play at a high level but to elevate the games of guys around them. Brady's teams are full of guys with low expectations, if not outright rejects, who go on to have career years with him under center. Clearly he's more than just a QB talent, he's an elite field leader. Manning did the same in many, many instances. Rodgers doesn't seem to have that. He plays great, but it doesn't have that much of a follow on effect to the rest of the offense. Watching Brady take on Manning was always a fun matchup, no matter who won any given bout, and Manning won his share. There isn't a quarterback in the league today that could go toe to toe with TB12 and hold his own the way 18 did. Certainly not Mahomes, who brought huge expectations into play against Brady twice and got depantsed on live TV both times.
  14. They've probably figured out what I just said upthread. One the vaccines are fully approved governments and corporations, including the NFL, are gonna come down on holdouts like a ton of bricks. No one wants the added, unnecessary risk and liability of unvaccinated personnel. Until it's approved there's room for holdouts because you can't force someone to take an unapproved medication, but approval is coming as early as next month, and at that point there will be no reason for the desk jockeys to hold back. Might as well get ahead of it and save yourself a headache later.
  15. Nick Mullens from the 49ers would be my go-to. He's pick prone but he's got a good arm and he's third on SF's depth chart right now. No one else we bring in is likely to be much better.
  16. Just gonna say this once, and leave it here Woulda been nice to have a professional backup who's taken the reins on short notice before.
  17. Here's the thing. If we were taking the pandemic seriously there's decaes of precedent for enforcing vaccination. I think the biggest reason they aren't doing that right now is the rushed process for FDA approval. We've basically all been participating in a live trial of various vaccine prototypes on a scale of huldreds of millions to billions, and while that trial is incomplete it's reasonable to leave these things on the basis of informed consent but the fact of the matter is that we're reaching the pint where the trials are more or less complete and the vaccines work. All of them. Even the ones that trigger a tiny chance of complications like AstroZenica or Johnson and Johnson produce protection at a level more than worth the risk. At this point the ones that haven't been linked to any nasty side effects at all, like Pfizer and Moderna, are weeks away from full approval rather than the emergency rollout that's been going on to this point. And at that time, I think we'll see a much more heavy handed approach to eradicate this thing. The government has broad powers to act in the event of a national crisis like a pandemic but they've been holding back pending formal approval of the vaccines. I think we'll see them use those powers once a few of the vaccines gain final FDA approval, which could happen as early as September. Once that happens both the government and the private sector are going to be pushing the vaccine incredibly hard, and the illusion of choice is going to disappear very, very quickly. You want to work for the government, or for any of the major corporations? You're vaccinated or you're not working there. At that point with employers and the government free to wield their bludgeon, we'll see some resentment and anger and protests and a few acts of violence, but the vaccination rate will rise steadily until only a few holdouts are unvaxxed, just like with other vaccines.
  18. Yeah I was afraid of that. Sorry dude, the health of a leader isn't a personal decision anymore. You're there to lead your team into battle, if you can't do that because sometime around Week 10 you're hacking up a lung in some ER, that's not leadership. Especially if all you had to do to avoid it was get a couple pokes in the arm a few weeks apart Someone earlier was talking about the long term risks of vaccination. Consider the longterm risks of unvaccination https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/coronavirus-long-term-effects/art-20490351 I don't think a little hart trouble 30 years from now compares
  19. Yes. Because the unvaccinated player is a far greater risk to further spread the virus among his own teammates. It doesn't really matter where an unvaccinated person got the virus from, he's as much of a walking bioweapon regardless of origin point.
  20. That's a point that really needs to be emphasized more. The vaccine makes it mugh harder for the virus to propagate in your body and spread from you to others. even if you develop symptoms, which happens at about 2% of the rate it does among unvaccinated people, you are still far safer to be around than someone who never took steps to protecr yourselves
  21. Sure, if you catch CoVID despite being vaccinated, youve made your best effort to protect the people around you. You just got unlucky. If you aren't vaccinated you've just proven that you are either lazy, underinformed, or indifferent about posing a health hazard to others. I see very good reasons to treat the two groups differently. a vaccinated person has tried to do his duty to be as safe as possible to be around, I don't see an equivalency to someone who hasn't. And that's why the unvaccinated person should be more susceptible to penalty.
  22. If I'm on the bubble and want to make the team, I get the poke proactively, on my own, way before this point. It just seems like a smart way to help my chances.
  23. So what you're saying is, if he can get healthy he's a buy-low candidate
  24. In other words, this is the sort of thing that will only be discussed in the offseason, after the draft, when there's nothing else to discuss until camp starts. Seriously the period between draft and camp is the deadest part of the year.
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