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  1. Bucs should be a lot better without Winston. To go along with 30 int's they lost 16 fumbles. Their defense was top 5 in takeaways with 28. As long as Brady doesn't turn the ball over I think they do better than most expect. I believe the Saints win the division but the Bucs will make them work for it. The rest of the division is a crap shoot.
  2. Though reinjury is higher the sooner you come back. Would probably be better for him to sit it out.
  3. Though I had my two surgeries in October and my last in December. So I'm 5 months out. I think he will cut it close.
  4. Usually can get back if it's a quick recovery in 6-8 months. Can take up to 12. For normal people, not athletes who work out or have top notch medical trainers, some don't feel "normal" for 18-24 months. I completely tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus in August and I was just released to run, with no pivoting or explosive training.
  5. Bring back the horseshoe and number on the hip from the 84 season? I would love to have the striped socks back. That and the blue belt.
  6. Picked WR, but would be happy with Kmet.
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