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  1. Bucs should be a lot better without Winston. To go along with 30 int's they lost 16 fumbles. Their defense was top 5 in takeaways with 28. As long as Brady doesn't turn the ball over I think they do better than most expect. I believe the Saints win the division but the Bucs will make them work for it. The rest of the division is a crap shoot.
  2. Though reinjury is higher the sooner you come back. Would probably be better for him to sit it out.
  3. Though I had my two surgeries in October and my last in December. So I'm 5 months out. I think he will cut it close.
  4. Usually can get back if it's a quick recovery in 6-8 months. Can take up to 12. For normal people, not athletes who work out or have top notch medical trainers, some don't feel "normal" for 18-24 months. I completely tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus in August and I was just released to run, with no pivoting or explosive training.
  5. Bring back the horseshoe and number on the hip from the 84 season? I would love to have the striped socks back. That and the blue belt.
  6. Picked WR, but would be happy with Kmet.
  7. I voted QB at 13. But I don't mind waiting to get one next year if they don't believe "the guy" is there. I'd rather they trade back or something to set themselves up for a QB they really like next year if need be, or just staying put and getting a different position.
  8. Anyone would love to have a franchise QB. But trading away our best player on the O-line, maybe on the team, isn't what I would consider. We lost our last QB because we didn't protect him. I really don't want to take a chance at reverting back to the same position. Even if QB is more important.
  9. Manning 539, Brees at 537, Brady at 536. Manning 266 games played Brees 272 games played Brady 282 games played
  10. What will be interesting as the season goes on, is how Brissett's numbers and play compare to zone and man coverage. Especially press man coverage.
  11. Mack will go for over 1,000 yds (if healthy). He needs slightly more than 50 yds per game to get 900 at this point. Mack will have more 50+yd games than 100+yd games. I think Brissett will probably get around 3,000-3,500 yds. So I agree. Brissett I think will have at least a 2 td to 1 int ratio. For example 24 tds to 12 ints, I imagine a better ratio than that. I think he is good at protecting the ball. Defense will be fringe top dozen. So slightly better than 15. Given the tough schedule, I can see the defense taking a step back number wise comp
  12. Yes it's just too early to tell, the reason why we win or lose. Who knows, the running game could disappear. Anything could happen. Heck, who would of saw us losing the way we did last Sunday?
  13. The game definitely reminded me of the Eagles game last year where the backup RBs absolutely killed us.
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