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  1. Zak keefer mentioned on JMV that he didn’t think Kelly looked that great in practice. Is that from him getting reps with PS players I guess that could be. Or maybe he is just not that good. You are right what ever happens we have to trust the coaches and what they see. I hope we can figure out who the future is before Rivers retires.
  2. I think if Eason shows you that he is working hard this season and he is fitting well in the locker room you give him a chance in 2022. You should be able to tell from practice reps and his work ethic if he deserves a chance. I really want to see him in the preseason game so bad.
  3. The colts were looking to improve the team for Rivers. They were not going to take a QB early. I believe them when they said they had a 4th round grade on in. He is such a project no way were they going to take him earlier and miss out on a very good player. I actually think they had the same grade on Love too.
  4. The one thing he has going for him is he does get the ball out quick and we have a good oline. I just don’t know how they are going to get him experience with 3 QB on the roster. He needs reps and a ton of practice reps. I don’t know what it is with local colt reporters but they are so in Jacobys pocket. Zak said on JMV that maybe rivers can bring something out in Jacoby and he starts again after Rivers retires. He had two years of watching Luck and Brady plus two years starting. Not sure rivers will bring anything out in him. It’s just strange they keep pushing him. I would rather give Eason a year to start in two years then giving away a bunch of draft picks to move up. Give the kid a chance.
  5. The virus off season has been extended until June 26th if the teams want. Some teams won’t and some will. No need yet about rookies coming in yet.
  6. I enjoyed that interview so much. This offense should be able to get back close to where it was with Luck. I thought it was funny he didn’t want to say who he was throwing to. Also how he didn’t want any of the credit for organizing the mini camp they are going to do. I wasn’t a fan of going after him at first. By I think it’s going to work well. He will get on the players if they aren’t working hard or give maximum effort. He is going to be good for the QB as a whole to learn how to lead a team. This young team needed I guy like him. What is up with Gregg Doyle asking him what neighborhood he lives in and where his kids go to school. That was way out of bounds.
  7. I don’t think it will be delayed. I don’t mind two preseason games. What I would like to see is PS players protected from protected the first few weeks of the season from other teams being able to claim them.
  8. Philip Rivers is doing a call and he says he has already thrown to a few guys. Looking forward to next week when they have their own mini camp and he can meet everyone. Wonder if Pittman and Eason will be in town soon along with the other rookies.
  9. He seems to have a pretty good head on his shoulders I followed in on Instagram along with his girlfriend. He seems like a normal dude. She posts stuff they are doing while in CA. Just a gut feeling but I don’t sense any immaturity.
  10. The NFLPA would have to agree to allow camps to open sooner if they want to use July as a ramp up period.
  11. This is why they might drop two games. It gives them a longer time to get ready. So instead of a preseason game what two weeks after camp. They will have four weeks of camp before the first game. It’s in the cba there is no contact with coaches after this week so I am not sure that could be changed and allow camp earlier. Players may start reporting in two weeks if they are new to the team or rookies. They just can’t have contact with the coaches. They said players may be able to be back in the facility on June 26th. It also says it gives them a couple extra weeks to figure out testing before games start.
  12. If this happens I assume we will see starters play one quarter both games. We will see each QB play one quarter each game also. I really want to see Eason play so bad. But the preseason should only be two games anyway. This is a good idea so they have longer to get in football shape. Maybe the first two preseason games will be cancelled. I feel bad the later round picks and undrafted won’t have a big chance but they will end up on the PS so they will still be able to show what they got. But it’s going to be hard to make the 53 right away.
  13. NFL is talking about shortening the preseason since there was no OTA. This way there can be a longer ramp up period. This makes good sense. It sucks though for a guy like Eason and the later round draft picks. But in reality the preseason should only be two games.
  14. If rivers goes down it’s best to put one of the young guys in and see what they have and get them some experience. It does does nothing to help the future QB situation to play Jacoby.
  15. So the players are basically going to have OTA on their own. I love Kenny Moore and the leader he has grown into. Yeah if the players are going this far in what is supposed to be down time camps should start in time. Can’t wait to see some of their IG stories. We are only a month away from camp.
  16. That is a sharp Jeep. I wonder how they plan on getting that huge cane Corso to Indiana. That was cute his brother was taking the car on the plane.
  17. Rookies might be reporting in the next two weeks. I wonder if he is signed and they are waiting. 2nd round shouldn’t take this long.
  18. Rookies may be coming in for physicals the next two weeks. They said as early as June 26th.
  19. We should be seeing Pittman in town soon since Rivers is here. Rookies report July 22nd.
  20. Well here you go.
  21. This is a great story. Kind of puts the work ethic questions to bed.
  22. He might be here. A couple weeks ago Reich said he would be coming soon. Campbell Is in town. I think some of the others are still out of town. I am always watching the players IG to see there is any hints that he is here. Rivers doesn’t have SM. TY lives in Florida so maybe he has got with him since his zoom interview.
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