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  1. I read that KC was possibly the leader in getting him.
  2. Lol. This guy is crazy. How would a dolphins beat writer know this. We don’t really need a CB. Ballard is never going to give up draft capital with the QB situation not settled yet.
  3. It should only make him better seeing all those different looks that TN threw at him. Titans did it to mayfield the week before. Both mayfield and JB are both really in their second year of starting.
  4. To be fair Reich panicked after we got down by one score. Wonder what would of happened if we had kept pounding it. I was impressed that he stuck to the run game in LA being down 15 pts.
  5. I think once JB develops game time chemistry with his WR he will be very good. That isn’t going to happen over night. You can practice but having game time experience is wear it is at. That will help with him getting the ball out quicker.
  6. The eagles also lost a few players in that game including Jeffries and another WR.
  7. That is crazy. The fact they held the Texans to 13 I think they can beat the titans at home. We need to win Sunday because there is a big chance the Texans and titans both lose.
  8. Not understanding this. Wilkins is Mack’s backup. That was his first game where he got carries. He will defiantly get more carries as the season goes on.
  9. I think you need to go watch tape. Pascal has been absolutely great at blocking. He is a big reason that two point conversion worked against the chargers. He isn’t being asked to catch the ball.
  10. We also need to get those turnovers. We should of had 5 or 6 turnovers in that titans game.
  11. I don’t know about their defense. Cousin only threw for 8/10 passes. They really didn’t test them. There oline is banged up so it will come down to pressure on Ryan. Turay said on his IG that he should be able to play Sunday.
  12. Basically given the homefield advantage. That is still good to be favored without luck.
  13. I think that is because pascal is actually playing more snaps. He has been great at blocking.
  14. I said before the season started it would take this offense a few games to find it’s identity and really gel.
  15. Reich said they were going to be seeking clarification from the league. Those penalties really killed the drive.
  16. I was going to get a sweatshirt with Kenny Moore’s number. I think I am going to change and get Nelson’s.
  17. This is funny. The one where big q has no one to hit is hillarious.
  18. I am worried about the defense more then the offense. Especially if Leonard and Desir miss the game. The falcons oline does have injuries so we need to pressure Ryan.
  19. Leonard would have to be back at practice by Friday and have no symptoms if he is going to be cleared for Sunday.
  20. This stat is deceiving. The Vikings ran the ball so well cousins only threw for 98 yards the first game.
  21. JB is ninth in QBR. He is also in the top tier for Td. Yes we need more yards. Reich knows that. To say his stats are bad is ridiculous.
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