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  1. Unfair Titans OL better the the Colts !! i don’t know how PFF count this!
  2. I Agree DP most show up and make plays
  3. More blitz = More open areas which Luck is so sharp at , so I think they will nor go for it very often
  4. jags got better D , We are (Offensively good) , so I think " not an easy win but we will do it" W
  5. In my opinion : 1-Spy QB every single play 2-Stop the running game ( same as what we did with (JAG) ) 3- More blitz calls
  6. Thanks , ill use it then , btw Colts got fans here in Kuwait , We LOVE YOU COLTS.
  7. Dear Colts I'm Mohammed AlTurki from Kuwait (5000 miles from Indy) I'm a big fan of the Colts, me and my family, I faced an issues while I'm registering into Loyalty program, you only accept US phone numbers and zip codes , and as we an overseas fans we have to insert wrong numbers and zip codes so that we can register I hope you can fix that. thank you Bleed Blue Mohammed
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