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  1. I don’t claim to be a scout or draft authority. However, I love my Colts, and happen to live in Arizona. All over the west coast, there’s a lot of love for N’Keal Harry. I’m looking for opinions on him. Does he go too early for us, are other wr’s on our radar ahead of him, does he not get enough love because of east coast bias, or something else? Asking because out here he’s regarded as potentially being special in the NFL
  2. Couldn’t agree more from start to finish. Those are all solid backups, but...Jacoby IMO has the tools to be a top 15-20 qb in the league. I live in Arizona and let me tell ya...Cards fans love them some Drew Stanton, but purely because of his sideline cheerleading. When he’s in the game, he’s 90% unwatchable
  3. I’m new to this forum as well and love my colts as much as anyone. I’m far from bragging here, but I play professionally on the PGA LatinoAmerica Tour and completely agree with his comment. So I guess having minimal posts on here has nothing to do with golf knowledge. Not trying to start a fight with my fellow Colt lovers, but just settle a debate. Love or hate Tiger, he’s still a world class golfer learning to win again. Trust me, everyone on tour is starting to fear what is imminent
  4. Golf is a lot harder to win at than football. It’s you vs 155 not just one opponent
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