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  1. This comment reminded me of a Tom Segura but about people from Louisiana, which is pure gold. If anyone is unfamiliar, check it out for a mood enhancer from dealing with yet another baffling Colts season. (The big I’m referring to is his rant on Louisiana people) Bit* not but
  2. I also thought the best thing to have happen was for the Bears to start the game off with a return TD. It kind of ensured that it wouldn’t happen again, such as in a really critical part of the game which could flip momentum. I might sound crazy with that take, but I’ve always believed that
  3. First of all that was one of the best D lines in the league. Secondly, the truly special backs get better as the game goes on, not peak in the first half. The better a rb gets later in the game makes the defense play more honest, which opens up everything else. Personally I couldn’t be happier with his play start to finish
  4. He may not be bad at receiving out of the backfield...but we have Hines!!! I’m a real fan of our two headed monster in the backfield. I think Hines has a lot of unrealized potential but only because there are so many other dogs that need to eat before we get to him
  5. Not trying to pick a fight with a fellow Colt fan, but that sounds very John Madden of you. No running back has any success without an O line paving the way. Obviously the line was/is great, but he capitalized on the opportunities they presented him
  6. I’ve always believed you should judge a running back on what he does in the 2nd half/late in the game. That’s where they can truly leave their mark on a game IMO. Wait for the D to wear down and go to work! Marlon made me proud today
  7. Maybe you should try to scratch under the surface about Irsay letting him keep whatever money for this year and Luck accepting. This is no prediction, but it is a huge gesture of gratitude if Luck should ever get healthy and decide to give it another go. At worst, it’s Irsay being what most sports team owners aren’t; human and decent
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