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  1. I have to disagree with you here. Aggressively spending and looking for instant gratification with no regard for future success is how you become a Cleveland (and we’ll never be a Cleveland, we have an owner who is passionate about the Colts). I understand how you feel, but the teams in our division realistically don’t have staying power. Ballard’s plan is to keep us on top once we’re there. Like every good golf coach says “trust the process”
  2. This comment reminded me of a Tom Segura but about people from Louisiana, which is pure gold. If anyone is unfamiliar, check it out for a mood enhancer from dealing with yet another baffling Colts season. (The big I’m referring to is his rant on Louisiana people) Bit* not but
  3. I also thought the best thing to have happen was for the Bears to start the game off with a return TD. It kind of ensured that it wouldn’t happen again, such as in a really critical part of the game which could flip momentum. I might sound crazy with that take, but I’ve always believed that
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