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  1. Agreed, I suspected Ebron would have a drop off from last year, even if Luck were in Indy, now I can see an even deeper decline for Ebron. One other thing, Kyle Rudolph is available, would he be a better option?
  2. Just finished my 10 team keeper league draft. Im fairly happy with the result. QB: Rodgers, Wilson RB: D. Johnson, Henry, C. Carson, Freeman, Breida WR: Hopkins, K. Allen, M. Williams, Landry, R. Anderson, C. Samuel TE: Ebron DEF: Pats K: Gould My biggest issues are TE and the fact that most of my players are on bye in weeks 10-12. I was hoping to get some feedback. I thought I might try Ebron out a few weeks and look at the wire if he disappears. Is this a solid strategy or do I need to get someone like D. Walker now? If so, who should i drop?
  3. The thread title confused me at first, I thought there were going to be some new jersey jokes or that a player had been granted a trade request to Foxborno. Voted for PanQuake on this one.
  4. I want to see Andrew Luck walking on the sideline with no visible pain or discomfort
  5. Thanks, very helpful. Fingers crossed I draft 6-10 so i can snag two from those lists. I have noticed a few names getting some love on mock drafts that are surprises. My big question mark is Damien Williams RB for KC, any thoughts on him? Is he a potential star or is he just the default RB because Hunt and Ware are now elsewhere?
  6. I dont mean to be insulting but i feel like i could list a bunch of 2nd tier RBs or WRs (or QBs for that matter) and make the same point. I understand that waiver wire is where championships are made, but honestly why DJ over Kelce (not trying to be cheeky here) Just give me good reasons.
  7. I for sure go RB and WR early and often (didnt take a QB until the 10th round...Brees). The forum still seems split on the Kelce/Johnson debate. I probably change it back and forth 10 times between now and our draft on 8/25. I think my sticking points are the with TEs there are 5 or so elite and then everyone else but, conversely, I have to have 3 servicable RBs any given Sunday to maneuver around bye weeks.
  8. I have a bit of a dilemma. I am participating in a keeper league and my best options to hold over are David Johnson or Travis Kelce. For most David Johnson is probably the logical choice, but I have had him 2 years in a row and felt burned 2 years in a row, so im a bit jaded on him. Is Johnson worth a roll of the dice or do i stick with seemingly a sure thing in Kelce? (10 team ppr, 2 each of RB/WR, a TE and a flex)
  9. My boss at work (as opposed to my boss at home) told me over and over that having a second does not create double the work...he was right, it’s about 3 or 4 times the work
  10. I get the approach, build through the draft and pay your own; however, I cant help but think that Polian used this approach and it resulted in a LOT of really good regular seasons, A fair amount of early exits from the playoffs and only 1 superbowl. Probably not an apples-to-apples comparison but it’s where my head goes. I hope to see a little more flexibilty from CB in this and all FA periods than we saw from ‘98-‘11. I believe Two or three above average signings this year (and every year) would Allow us to sustain and build the momentum that was started last season.
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