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  1. I want to see Andrew Luck walking on the sideline with no visible pain or discomfort
  2. Thanks, very helpful. Fingers crossed I draft 6-10 so i can snag two from those lists. I have noticed a few names getting some love on mock drafts that are surprises. My big question mark is Damien Williams RB for KC, any thoughts on him? Is he a potential star or is he just the default RB because Hunt and Ware are now elsewhere?
  3. I dont mean to be insulting but i feel like i could list a bunch of 2nd tier RBs or WRs (or QBs for that matter) and make the same point. I understand that waiver wire is where championships are made, but honestly why DJ over Kelce (not trying to be cheeky here) Just give me good reasons.
  4. I for sure go RB and WR early and often (didnt take a QB until the 10th round...Brees). The forum still seems split on the Kelce/Johnson debate. I probably change it back and forth 10 times between now and our draft on 8/25. I think my sticking points are the with TEs there are 5 or so elite and then everyone else but, conversely, I have to have 3 servicable RBs any given Sunday to maneuver around bye weeks.
  5. I have a bit of a dilemma. I am participating in a keeper league and my best options to hold over are David Johnson or Travis Kelce. For most David Johnson is probably the logical choice, but I have had him 2 years in a row and felt burned 2 years in a row, so im a bit jaded on him. Is Johnson worth a roll of the dice or do i stick with seemingly a sure thing in Kelce? (10 team ppr, 2 each of RB/WR, a TE and a flex)
  6. My boss at work (as opposed to my boss at home) told me over and over that having a second does not create double the work...he was right, it’s about 3 or 4 times the work
  7. I get the approach, build through the draft and pay your own; however, I cant help but think that Polian used this approach and it resulted in a LOT of really good regular seasons, A fair amount of early exits from the playoffs and only 1 superbowl. Probably not an apples-to-apples comparison but it’s where my head goes. I hope to see a little more flexibilty from CB in this and all FA periods than we saw from ‘98-‘11. I believe Two or three above average signings this year (and every year) would Allow us to sustain and build the momentum that was started last season.
  8. Odell Beckham Jr. traded to Cleveland, as @MikeGarafolo reported. Wow, dont know what to think on this one.
  9. Thank you OP, I needed a good laugh...long week so far. This reminds me of last year when I jumped on the Browns forum and they were debating if their team should offer a 3rd for Luck...and some of them thought it was actually viable.
  10. Im not hig on D. Thomas but wouldnt mind having a seasoned WR take the #2 for a (partial) year...let Cain, Fountain or (insert Rookie WR) ease into and take over the #2 by season end
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