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  1. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    USA Today Writer releases predictions

    I watched Hard Knocks....well to be honest I could only stomach about 5 minutes of it. Can you imagine having to endure 23 consecutive seasons like last year (or 2011)?
  2. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Odell Beckham Situation

    OBJ saying he wants to be the highest paid player in the NFL is all you need to know...bye Felicia
  3. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    The Hall of Quotes

    “The better part of happiness comes from our disposition, not our circumstance”. In other words, quit trying to think of ways to make yourself unhappy (ie whining about not landing every over priced FA on the market). Rather KNOW that we are in good hands and have several Lombardis in our future.
  4. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Breaking Down The First 6 Picks

    Tampa has Jameis Winston, why would they trade up for a QB?
  5. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Colts sign Eric Ebron (merge)

    Swoope is a proven mismatch with 15 receptions in 2016? I’ll take the TE Eric(k) who has the most receptions to age 24. 186 to be exact.
  6. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    OL Matt Slauson visiting Colts Tuesday

    At this point in his career, maybe a servicable OL-men, think 2010-2014 Joe Reitz-like, no barn burner but can fill in anywhere
  7. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    At the rate we are going.......

    I’ve got it, we are tanking so we can get Ed Oliver in the ‘19 draft Seriously though, I feel confident we will see some nice additions after the FA dust settles and again after the draft.
  8. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Indianapolis Colts trade #3 overall pick to New York Jets (merge)

    They are guaranteed one of Darnold, Rosen, or Allen. It's win, win for them I get that but you are assuming that the jets view the three prospects as equals. I would guess that they prefer one over the other two. To me, Allen is going to have a career in the mold of Cutler or Bortles. Perhaps, Im wrong and he develops into a Big Ben type.
  9. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Indianapolis Colts trade #3 overall pick to New York Jets (merge)

    The Jets 2019 2nd rounder may feel more like a 1st rounder. I expect the jets to do their normal jets thing and pick near the top of the draft in 2019
  10. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Indianapolis Colts trade #3 overall pick to New York Jets (merge)

    Love the move, surprised that it happened in March as opposed to draft day, doesnt hurt us but may hurt the jets as any team could jump to #2 and steal the jets preferred pick
  11. Fuller would be a great option, but may come with a hefty price tag. Being that the transition tag is north of $13M for CBs, perhaps 4y/$52M front loaded with a hefty signing bonus would get it done and be beneficial to both parties.
  12. Glass half full, we still have plenty of money to resign Melvin and Desir
  13. Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoosiers

    Ravens to pursue Moncrief

    Does any ever recall saying to themselves “Man, Moncrief really tore it up today”. I’m sure that he had a few good games, but I do not recall them at the moment. He may get a decent contract, but i say let someone else pay him a few million for 26 receptions and 391 yards in 2018.
  14. What free agent QB? The only good one is Cousins, and he's most likely going to the Vikings. The Super Bowl MVP comes to mind. He is not a FA, but could be had im guessing. Also I could easily see teams rolling the dice on Bradford, Bridgewater, Keenum, McCarron or even Josh McCown.
  15. Im at a point where I would be content with any of Chubb/Barkley/Nelson, my only real concern would be if we trade back past pick #6, there is a good chance that all three will be off the board. My reasoning is that I beleive the Jets and Broncos will land a FA QB, making them more likely to draft based on other needs (namely the cant miss G from ND).