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  1. Unfortunately I started Boone, but ultimately it didnt matter. My entire starting lineup decided to have their collective worst games, all in the same week. Wilson, Carson, Hopkins, K. Allen, etc. Even if they had had average days I would have walked away with it. I have accepted it and the $ I got was a nice consolation. Also, this is a keeper league, so I will get To keep one of Carson, Henry or Hopkins. Already looking forward to next season.
  2. I think so as well, I have him slotted in the flex at the moment, I think the only way I will change it is if Mattison is listed as healthy on Sunday
  3. Looks like many have the same dilemma as I do. I was able to snag Boone off waivers. Id really like to play him at the flex, but have Mostert, A. Peterson, Slayton, Tate and C. Samuel as options as well.
  4. So i need some advice for my flex for next week (1 PPR). I have: Slayton Tate Mostert C. Samuel and possibly Perriman if claim is successful
  5. Despite stellar games from both Brees and Thomas, I snuck it out 124-121 and will be playing in the championship. It has been about 6 years since I even had the opportunity to win it all, so I am pumped!!!
  6. I have to say this year turned out way better than expected. I had some very close weeks (some wins by a point or two) but finished 11-1-1 on the year. This got me a bye in the first round of the playoff and It is looking good for me to go to the championship next week. I currently have a 64 point lead in a full PPR league. I am done and but my opponent still has Brees and Michael Thomas (fingers crossed the Colts D holds up well). If I come through, next week does not set up well for me to win. I would play the number 3 seed who has been coming on strong the last 4-5 weeks. However, 2nd still puts me in the money. This is a keeper league and my keeper was David Johnson, he was great through the first 8 or so weeks but I actually dropped him last week (he served his purpose I suppose). Those that I originally drafted that remain on my team are as follows: Hopkins D. Henry C. Carson K. Allen R. Wilson Rodgers C. Samuels Pats D I was able to get Mark Andrews on waivers in Week 2 and have streamed kickers and my flex spot most of the year to round out my team. I will need to decide between Hopkins, Carson and Henry for my keeper next year but not until right before the draft in 2020. Thanks to everyone for their help this year. This has been a fun one.
  7. I need to play 2 rb and 1 flex in a ppr league for week 10, who which 3 would you play between D. Johnson, Carson, Henry, J. Samuels and C. Samuel? I also have a waiver claim in for Ronald Jones II, but am last on the wire so not likely to get him.
  8. For week 5, should I start Mark Andrews again? I keep feeling with his nagging foot injury he will bottom out or leave game when I need him. My other option is Dissly
  9. I should have 1000% listened to you!!!!!!! Dissly for Carson was a wash, but he scored a TD exactly like you said. My biggest disappointment...I sat Rodgers and played Russel Wilson...was a last second decision and the reason I may lose this week. I need Mixon to throw up a stinker and revert to week 1-2 form to pull this one out. My next question, Hopkins has all but disappeared the last 2 weeks...where has my WR1 been?
  10. 3 questions: 1. I’m trying to decide my flex for week 4 (PPR league). Pre-waiver my options are C. Carson, Breida, Royce Freeman, Jarvis Landry, Curtis Samuel. I have been playing Carson in my flex but his fumble issues and 4 point, week 3 stinker have me second guessing. 2. Also, any thoughts on Mark Andrews, I was lucky enough to get him on waivers after week one, but the injury appears to have hampered him? 3. Is Aaron Rogers ever going to throw more than 1 TD in a game? Ive finally thrown in the towel on him and put my backup in
  11. Agreed, I suspected Ebron would have a drop off from last year, even if Luck were in Indy, now I can see an even deeper decline for Ebron. One other thing, Kyle Rudolph is available, would he be a better option?
  12. Just finished my 10 team keeper league draft. Im fairly happy with the result. QB: Rodgers, Wilson RB: D. Johnson, Henry, C. Carson, Freeman, Breida WR: Hopkins, K. Allen, M. Williams, Landry, R. Anderson, C. Samuel TE: Ebron DEF: Pats K: Gould My biggest issues are TE and the fact that most of my players are on bye in weeks 10-12. I was hoping to get some feedback. I thought I might try Ebron out a few weeks and look at the wire if he disappears. Is this a solid strategy or do I need to get someone like D. Walker now? If so, who should i drop?
  13. Thanks, very helpful. Fingers crossed I draft 6-10 so i can snag two from those lists. I have noticed a few names getting some love on mock drafts that are surprises. My big question mark is Damien Williams RB for KC, any thoughts on him? Is he a potential star or is he just the default RB because Hunt and Ware are now elsewhere?
  14. I dont mean to be insulting but i feel like i could list a bunch of 2nd tier RBs or WRs (or QBs for that matter) and make the same point. I understand that waiver wire is where championships are made, but honestly why DJ over Kelce (not trying to be cheeky here) Just give me good reasons.
  15. I for sure go RB and WR early and often (didnt take a QB until the 10th round...Brees). The forum still seems split on the Kelce/Johnson debate. I probably change it back and forth 10 times between now and our draft on 8/25. I think my sticking points are the with TEs there are 5 or so elite and then everyone else but, conversely, I have to have 3 servicable RBs any given Sunday to maneuver around bye weeks.
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