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  1. Colts 32 Pittsburg 24 Colts need to play the rest of the season as playoff games - no mistakes, precision on every play, focused, smart. Colts are better than the Steelers, and Pittsburg is playing terrible. Every game is difficult but Colts need to prove they deserve respect. Go Colts
  2. I am Ucla fan and watched Rosen in college. Good skills but terrible attitude and poor teammate. It's all about him. He gave up in games and never took blame. He got hurt in a game, returned in street clothes at halftime, and then left sidelines before game over. Quitter. Just because he is cheap, doesn't make him good. PLEASE NO
  3. The offensive line is our greatest priority. We need to protect Luck so he can work his magic. I like LT Costanzo and C Kelly. I would love to see Colts sign Norwell for one of the guard positions and draft Nelson for the other guard position. I like Haeg but not sure he is the answer for right tackle. RT Solder might be good option but if we can't get him I would use 2nd or 3rd round draft pick on a tackle.
  4. Yes. I would have kept Peyton and traded #1 pick for as many high draft picks as possible to strengthen the offensive line and make a solid defense for Manning's remaining years.. I believe the team should try to win the Super Bowl EVERY year. Peyton went to 2 Super Bowls with Denver and could have taken Colts to these games. Luck is a great player but we have wasted the first 5 years we have had him. We could have drafted a QB using one of the draft picks we acquired and groomed him behind Peyton. We need to build our team through draft with an occasional proven free agent. Whoever ha
  5. In 2013, the Colts drafted Center Holmes in 4th round and Guard Thornton in 3rd round. That did not work out very well. I understand all draft picks have risks and they get less likely to succeed as you get farther down the draft. I just don't believe you can pick up any center or any guard in 3rd, 4th, or later round and can expect them to be excellent players or even starters. Exceptions occur, but we should stop gambling with our quarterback's long term health. We should bite the bullet and draft two offensive lineman who will be starters for the next ten years. Yes Bluefire
  6. Dark Horse, I love your first two picks being offensive line. We need to protect our franchise quarterback. We had three quarterbacks go down with injuries last year. That is terrible protection by the O-line. Lineman are not sexy or popular picks and no one wants to make them in the early rounds. It would be very nice to get our offensive line squared away for the next ten years. Nobody knows how the front office and coaching staff really feel, but we do need two new starters on the line. If they take Conklin if first they can put him at right guard and take best center available i
  7. I would love to get Matt Moore. Please sign him before he leaves town. Great backup and has won games as a starter.
  8. I was thinking when we drafted DE Werner from Florida State with plan to move him to OLB. Similarly, we drafted OLB Jerry Hughes who didn't fit our scheme. I should have said draft players that will fit into our scheme. We miss on too many picks. Some of these same players do well on other teams with different schemes.
  9. My priorities would be 1- Don't draft a player with prior injuries that will cause him to miss majority or all of his rookie season, 2- No off-field issues and have good character, and 3- Don't draft a player that you want to move to another position. With the given trade, I would select: 2nd round # 37 OG Cody Whitehair 2nd round # 48 C Nick Martin 3rd round # 68 DE Carl Nassib or best DE or OLB 3rd round # 82 RB Paul Perkins or Jordan Howard 4th round #113 CB Maurice Canady, best available CB 5th round #130 OLB Jordan Jenkin
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