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  1. Man, i’m glad you said it first about Taylor flashing EJ esque traits. Because when I watched the vid, I thought the same thing, but didn’t want to take flack for the comparison! lol
  2. CB has a history of taking “Character guys” to develop a great locker room dynamic. He’s correct in this approach because it’s really translating to the field for our young players. We have one of the best young rosters in football right now imo.
  3. Leonard from Big Bang Theory!?!
  4. Thanks for helping out with this confusion. CC1 sent me a pm to apologise for jumping the gun. Appreciate you!

    1. J@son


      Sure thing.  Always glad to help clear up a misunderstanding :)

  5. A healthy Bob Sanders for the win! Never seen a safety take over defensively for us like he could, since Jason Belser(loved that cat).
  6. I'll go with heck no. Hopefully Andrew can pull a 180 for 2016.
  7. In my minds eye, the only difference between Power/Toler, would be that Toler is hurt more often than Powers used to be. They both are equally lousy!
  8. IMO the offensive and defensive units were both equally to blame for allot of the Colts playoff woes in the Dungy era. Coach was usually very well suited to most match ups, unless we were playing the Patriots(outside of 06). Things looked more grim than they really were in the playoffs in the Manning years, because for whatever reason, the Patriots were collectively in the teams heads. But the loss's usually were from the fact that we were beat in all 3 phases. For this reason I have a problem with Manning having playoff woes lain at his feet, as if it were all his fault. Again JMO
  9. Agree with the posts above. And the fact that AV only missed 3 fg attempts all season, makes me confident that he has the skill set to be at the tops of his position for the next cpl of years at least.
  10. Here's to safe travels for yourself, and all other Colts fans jumping the pond for the game! Hopefully we'll pull out a good win, just to make it even sweeter.
  11. Thoughts and prayers go out for family and friends. Rest in Peace Coach.
  12. Because he bestowed the title of Sherrif on Manning! /Sarcasm Gruden has pros and cons like all coaches. JMO
  13. Congrats to Bert on this honor. #Respect
  14. Learned allott about Monachino from this thread alone. Love the pickup after reading through the thread.
  15. Fun topic! Never cried over any loss(my wife may say otherwise ), complained/sulked alittle but never cried. However I have done some dancing from time to time, like when we won our 06 Super Bowl.
  16. That's not what the point was. The organization has been winning at a high rate for awhile now. Down years happen to even the best teams. Even Belichick had to pay his dues(growing/learning) as a coach from his Cleveland days. Cherry pick my statement all you want. Cannot overlook the fact that even our(Colts) front office and coaching has the ability to improve. Pretty sure Mr. Irsay knows more on the matter than we ever could.
  17. As the OP stated, time will tell. I believe they can. Cannot underestimate continuity.
  18. Thank you. Got so caught up in responding, that I didn't catch that before posting.
  19. It's not like the man has all of the answers. I'll have to put my faith in his ability to get better, and the fact Mr. Irsay kept these men together, is enough for me at the moment. Considering they get paid by persons much smarter than we are as fans. JMO
  20. It's comical how thin skinned some are in regards to Jim Irsay. I still remember how bad we were in the 80's. Count On Losing This Sunday! That's the acronym we as fans had to live with. Remember, that was the days when the Patriots were a laughing stock. These are good days, whether we are in the playoffs this year or not. We have allot to be thankful for now, and Jim Irsay is the reason. JMO
  21. Good for Coach. Sometimes continuity is all that is needed. Plus the lack of quality/qualified coaching replacements is disturbing. Here's to hoping all of the dis functional talk can be settled, and we can get back to our winning ways. My only concern is our record outside of the devision. Hopefully we will see that statistic improved. 2016 here we come!
  22. But as far as listening to us fans on team issues, It would be better to listen to those whom Mr. Irsay has surrounded himself with in regards to long-term team development . Maybe he should listen to his daughters. Perhaps they can bring a "fresh" perspective.
  23. In my minds eye, I think Mr. Irsay has a very high football IQ. With regards to hiring Grigson, he hedged his bets a little. Grigson seems to be a know-it-all type of personality, who's more in love with his title, more so than doing his due diligence. JMO of course. I think Pagano has the ability to grow as a coach, he just needs to learn how to make in-game adjustments better(coach Dungy was very good at this).
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