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  1. Reading the media narratives on this issue has me wondering...are the Colts gonna get destroyed by the media every time they cut ties with an aging and/or injured player since we released Peyton? It's getting a little old.
  2. He's not great with the press...never has been. Grigson isn't great with them either, and Irsay and his "uh" and "ummm" usage between every other word is very cringe-worthy to listen too. It really has nothing to do with their job performance...as long as they can communicate clearly with their players, staff, and each other, who cares how they are with the press?
  3. Already starting to see and hear some grumbling among his fans about the possibility of him not retiring a Colt. It's a childish wish...some people need to grow up. He's earned the right to retire on his own terms and owes Colts fans nothing. I really enjoyed Woody Paige's article.
  4. Meh, who cares. As for the banners, I'm all for taking down the participation banners. Banners are for winning something, not for merely participating in a big game.
  5. Exactly...we'll all be so hard up for real football that it won't matter who is playing. Ratings will be big. Denver won the Super Bowl and they earned the right to have the biggest party of opening week. End of discussion.
  6. How anyone can bring Tom Brady into this is just...desperately reaching. Stop it. As for sponsors...there is no chance in hell that Papa Johns will bail on him. For one, he's a stakeholder in the company via ownership of several franchise locations. Two, he and Papa John himself appear to be pretty tight, as evidenced by their embrace after the SB. Nationwide could be a different story. There is no type of company more risk averse than an insurance company that mostly works in the property and casualty realm. If they get enough threats over the issue, they'll dump
  7. Didn't know that about the Club seats, but that's good information. Those are a bit more than I'm looking to spend on my season tickets, but I usually get one or two games a year in the Club from work and it's a great experience.
  8. I'm hoping for a bit more turnover this year than there has been in in years past. I upgraded a bit in 2012 and I'd like to do so again. There was a bit of churn in 2012, but way less than expected. They wisely waited to make the Manning decision until after season ticket renewals were due, so the renewal numbers actually held up pretty well. Hopefully you make it off of the waitlist this year! I wouldn't count on getting great seats right out of the gate, but there aren't many bad ones in the house, so take what you can get and upgrade later.
  9. You do realize that he could still be sued for defamation WITHOUT naming her specifically, right? There's no requirement to name someone.
  10. For God's sake...no...you made that leap. Simply put, it's a manifestation of the idea that someone who is young and has been insulated from the struggles faced by average people cannot possibly be responsible for the stupid things they do because they don't understand consequences. This idea is just about as old as time itself. "Affluenza" is just the funny word of the day to describe it.
  11. Reading comprehension....emotions have totally ruined what should be a level-headed discussion. I never compared the offenses.
  12. Affluenza should never apply, it's completely absurd!
  13. That's why you shop around, I always encourage that. "Affluenza"...was all over the internet a few weeks ago...basically it was a defense used by a teenager from an affluent family in Texas who did something stupid (can't recall the severity of the crime, but it wasn't petty). The idea was that he had been so sheltered in his upbringing that he didn't know right from wrong, and didn't understand the consequences of his actions. Pretty freaking crazy if you think about it!
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