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  1. On 2/3/2021 at 1:17 PM, Myles said:

    I'd have these QB's ahead of him and I'm sure I'm forgetting some:







    Johnny Unites

    Brett Favre


    Tom Brady?

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  2. 9 hours ago, stitches said:

    Meh, I don't entirely agree here. I don't want to dismiss a 3d round pick as insignificant but IMO if Ballard liked Love that much and thought he has potential to be a franchise QB, compensation like a 2nd and 3d round picks is nothing(compared to the supposed value you are getting). I agree with Chloe here. This is NOT costly for your QB of the future... if you think he's that. So my thought has since been that maybe they didn't love Love THAT much. 


    There were reports that he didn't wow anybody in interviews and on the white board. So... take for whatever it's worth. 


    I can see where some Colts fans would trade the M. Pittman (#34) and J. Blackmon (#85) slots to get up to #26 where J. Love was taken. At least we would still have J. Taylor at #41 in the second round and could draft another player in the 4th round at #122 instead of a QB (Eason).


    That would yield Buckner, Love, Taylor and a 4th rounder instead of Buckner, Pittman Jr., Blackmon, Eason we ended up with.

  3. 9 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    The Packers only had to give up a fourth. So we could of got him for a fourth and maybe another pick. Or a third plus something. It was right there and would not of been a issue.

    No,  I'm sorry to inform you that you are wrong here. The Packers and Dolphins also swapped their round 1 pick  positions (Packers were at #30 and the Dolphins had another round 1 pick at #26) and THEN Green Bay added the other pick(#136)  to the deal. It wasn't just we'll give you our pick at #136 so we can enter round 1 again at #26 and take the QB we want... and also keep our spot at #30.


    No, a team also had to give the Dolphins their 1st round pick slot... and the Colts just didn't have one because they gave that away to get Buckner. But if the didn't trade it for Buckner, would have the ability to take Love at #13.


    In essence, to give our early second round pick would have likely required a (late?) 3rd as well, but Miami already had a ton of picks at the top of the draft (and in total!) and was looking to increase higher round picks, not necessarily trade down for more picks.



  4. 1 hour ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Does anyone have curiosity why the colts didn’t want Jordan Love? He could of sat behind Rivers a year or two.


    From all the banter and reports back then, the Colts/Ballard was keenly interested and often tied to him. But at what cost to get him?



    They would only of had to give up like a 4th round pick.  


    No, I believe you are truly mistaken here.  The Packers swapped their 1st round pick at #30 pick and added their pick #136 in a trade with the Dolphins to move up just 4 spots to pick at #26 and take Love.  The Colts did not have a first round pick (traded #13 for DeForest Buckner) at all to take him or trade down with, nor willing to move a lot of other draft capital to move ahead of Green Bay to get Jordan Love. End of story.



    Did he nor interview well? Did they just want to upgrade the offense for Rivers? Makes me very curious. He was there to be had pretty easily


    No, not at all. This likely would also have been very costly draft pick wise for the Colts to achieve.


    BTW, Dolphins packaged that #136 pick along with their #141 pick on back to the Houston Texans for their pick at #111 (and Phins took OL Solomon Kindley) ... which the Texans had previously received from the Dolphins in the L. Tunsil/K. Stills trade. And at #30 the Phins took CB Noah Igbinoghene. The Dolphins got those two players just because the Pack wanted to move up 4 spots from #30 to #26 to draft Jordan Love. {Even though they already had Aaron Rodgers!}


    There's no way the Colts or any other team could have taken Love just by trading a 4th.

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  5. 3 hours ago, Colt1841 said:

    Ok, I guess sorry? Didn’t realize you can’t have a conversation about a game during the game.



    Two things-


    The game day thread (as illustrated by many members here in response to you) is the only place to enter any comments concerning Colts players and/or coaches that has any connection/inkling to the circumstances of the game being played at that time.


    Typically, a moderator (quite a few of us) or the community manager (Nadine) will see and just 'lock' such a thread.  I was not around my laptop much during the game so I missed most conversations here. But I can see  (yes moderator privilege) your post you refer to, and truth is, I likely would have 'hid' it during the game as well instead of just 'locking' it... but visible, as I normally do when I encounter related game day posts. You even had 12 forum member views (with no responses) before it was spotted and hidden by another moderator doing the assignment they volunteered to perform.


    If you wish, you can now pose that question again now that the game has concluded. And I will now lock this thread as you have your answer, and to stop any further 'piling on' replies.



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  6. 3 hours ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

    Thanks again for opening the thread, NFLfan.  Happy New Year, everyone!  Hoping we start the new year off with an entry into the playoffs.  We should win without too much difficulty today, but the Jags always play us tough.  27 - 10 Colts.



    Division games are harder than the typical game. Teams know each o5ther well.



    Never understood flexing us to the late games when the TV coverage looks exactly the same as it would had we been in the 1PM slot? 


     I can guarantee you I'm excited about it. Right now, Bucs are on one channel, Dolphins on the other.  If the Colts were playing at 1:00 pm, I would not see the game on TV.  At 4:25, they will be on network TV here in SW Florida!! Woo hoo!!



    It's not like any more people are going to be able to see the game so no need for the added drama. 


    I do! I'm pleased!!



    Oh well.  Whatever...


    Works for me!



    GO Colts!  All day.  Every day.  :coltshelmet:





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  7. 11 hours ago, Zoltan said:

    Got to give it to Fields toughness, he is seriously hurting but still performing


    I'm awaiting any possible medical issues resulting from this-









    I believe they are probably going to check him out for ribs, kidney (Luck type laceration?), liver, spleen, more...


    11 hours ago, Zoltan said:

    Skalski is gonna end up a paraplegic if he continues to tackle using his helmet like that, watching the compression of his neck during that hit on Fields, it's dangerous reminds me of Ryan Shazier.


    True. That's why NFL wants that style of tackling eliminated, and heavily funded the 'Heads up football' programs.






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  8. 34 minutes ago, Shafty138 said:

    He's on the PS because that's the logical process, as we've seen it play out with street fa after street fa this year.  Sign to PS, elevate just before game to regular roster....not sure why, but there's some advantage to that way of doing it 


    Possibly because of this rule change for the Covid season-


    "Teams now have more flexibility with using practice squad players on game day. PS players can be activated on game day before the team announces their inactives (90 minutes before game time). The player doesn’t have to be elevated from the PS to the main roster for the move. This can happen with up to two practice squad players per week, but the same player can’t be elevated two weeks in a row. A player is only able to be elevated twice per season. To be put activated a third time requires the player to be signed to the regular roster."

  9. 29 minutes ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Well he’s only on the Colts practice squad the Packers could sign him off that.


    Each team in the NFL is allowed up to four practice squad protections per week, and every practice squad player is still available to be signed to the regular roster of another team after their team’s game that week until the deadline on Tuesday. After that deadline, protected players can not be signed away by another team from then through the upcoming game.


    Maybe he is one of the designated 'protected' players?

  10. 4 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    It clearly wasn't but oh well it is what is. Not only was the ball tipped,


    It was, but, was it after the PI (allegedly) occurred? Isn't the tip rule because the defender times his hit but a deflection disrupts the ball flight and arrival time? IF P.I. occurs before the tip, is it still PI? I don't know.


    4 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Moore tripped and fell. If a Steeler fan says it was then they are blind. 


    By himself, or because of incidental contact with the WR? I can't remember. The latter shouldn't be PI.  The former might be.


    I'm actually more ticked about the PI (TJ Carrie?) where Ben's pass sailed way over the WR on light to no contact?  And the Steeler WR Offensive PI on a (would be) pick 6.



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  11. 7 hours ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

    They dont seem to be, it is routinely missed calls or calls that you have to be a certain player to get the calls. And just cause you get graded every week or end of the year doesn't mean you are held accountable. As a recent graduate, professors are graded but unless they are arrested for something they dont get removed or decreased in hours. 


    Normally, it's very quiet. People don't recognize most officials names, maybe only the Head Ref of a crew. But guys will get reduced (typically if a poor performing official brings down the crew grade) games. And yes, some are not asked back the following year. Sometimes, they get a mid season boot. Like:



    6 hours ago, Lancer1 said:

    Being put on blast and publicly shamed would be a good start! 


    And this accomplishes what? 


    Most of those guys have real jobs (from attorneys, to medical sales, to engineers, to Professor/teachers, to Carpenter foreman and all sorts of other occupations. And those brought up to replace them are by and large not as good (at least in the beginning) as those that leave/retire.


    As I said, people don't know their names anyway. Even if they were once NFL players! (of which there were 3) But I know one of them opted out because of Covid-19 this year. Steve Freeman-




    And there are detailed stats sites on refs too. Like Steve's career-




    6 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Giving a coach 2 challenges a game is reasonable and being able to challenge a PI call is reasonable because that was no PI on Kenny Moore.


    And most every Steeler fan will say it was. Likely the rest of the nation watching was divided in some way. Nevertheless, the NFL immediately got back out of the business of overturning 'biased' judgement calls via another 'biased' judgement call. And they're not going back.

  12. 41 minutes ago, PuntersArePeopleToo said:

    I say as long as they arent threatening the Refs, they should be able to say it. The Refs dont get held accountable by the NFL anyway, or else there would be multiple crews that would be disallowed


    Supposedly, they are-


    How NFL officials are graded each week: NFL officials file their game reports to the league office minutes after the final whistle. On Monday, every play is graded by the league and officials are given a report on Tuesday, highlighting incorrect or missed calls. Officials are then given a chance to offer a rebuttal before a final decision on the play is made by the league. By the end of the day on Wednesday, officials get a final grade from the game.


    Typically, there are between 160-180 plays per game. Officials are ranked into three tiers, with the top tier averaging 98.4 percent on the season. Tier 3 officials finish with a mark below 97 percent. Those are impressive figures, but it still means officials are wrong on average of 3-5 times per game.


    19 minutes ago, CaptainColt12 said:

    It absolutely baffles me how bad some refs are. I mean you know which crews are terrible and which are good. When I saw this crew was doing our game I got very upset. Ha.


    If they were equally bad to both sides, it would at least be fair again.



    I don’t understand why you can’t challenge flags nor why they never pick them up. It’s ridiculous and makes zero sense.


    Because they're judgement calls. The the NFL would be replacing one's bad judgement with the poor judgement of another.



    There has to be a conspiracy or something cause it’s only common sense for you to be able to challenge a flag, I mean they’re literally watching the same time we are at really fast speed. So they’re bound to screw up. Gosh, it’s soooo dumb, I’m getting so mad writing this. I’m also convinced that they try to throw games as well. You can’t convince me otherwise after that packers game. 

    How could you play hard and to near or including injury if you thought the game victor was predetermined?



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