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  1. Luck literally went 10--12 as a Starter the last two seasons and people are already comparing him to Trent Dilfer....oops, Dilfer won a Super Bowl. ...more or less just kidding around above, but, let's face it, Luck hasn't earned his way into any conversation that includes Brees, Rodgers or P. Manning...let alone Brady. Sure, I'd start Luck over Brissett today...but ask me that question a year from now and you might get a different answer.
  2. Yes, thank you. Please keep it up. Don't start liking us now that we pulled this off. Hate us. The Hate fuels us and drives us. Bring it on!
  3. Let's see. Joe won his fourth SB in 1990. Brady his fifth in 2017. It took 27 years to dethrone Joe. That sounds about right. See you in 2044.
  4. Well, first of all, I started my comment by saying that I wasn't among those who think that Pagano should be on the "hot seat." But, I think it's fair for people to be getting frustrated when he clearly has, in Andrew Luck, a phenom at the most important position on the fiield, who led his team to three consecutive 11-5 seasons in his first three years in the league; neither P. Manning nor Brady had anything like those numbers in their first three years in the League...Brady didn't even start until his second season. And Brady didn't have a genuine "#1 Receiver" until he had Randy Moss an
  5. I'm not on the "Pagano must go" bandwagon by any means, but I think the comparison to Belichick's years in Cleveland is off target. Belichick had a revolving door at the QB position with six different starters in four seasons: the popular (in Cleveland) Bernie Kosar for 29 starts and an 11--16 record, Vinnie Testaverde for 31 starts and a 16--15 record, Mike Tomczak, eight starts, 4--4, Todd Philcox (huh?) 5 starts, 1--4, Eric Zeier (huh?*2), 4 starts, 1--3 and Mark Rypien, 4 starts, 1--3. Pagano has had one of the most hyped and heralded players to hit the NFL in a long time as his QB t
  6. Yes. that is, I believe, how the play is supposed to work. The "punter/QB" is not supposed to line up under center, but to be in a shotgun position. Moving the rest of the line (properly lined up!) to the far side is supposed to confuse the D and give the guy who receives the snap room to roam. In the play as run by the team from Maine, the D only has one guy over the center with everyone else running left (right) to cover the "Student Body Left" move of the rest of the O. Result: easy score. If you look at how the Patriots lined up, there were three or four guys over the center.
  7. So, in other words, he was trying to "Out-Belichick" Belichick. Probably not a good idea.
  8. No. They probably filmed it during the Colts practice.
  9. What's worse than 3--2? In a Division where those three W's equal the W's of all the other divisional teams combined? A lot of things are worse than 3--2!!!
  10. Your organization is much too classy to want a guy like that on its roster. Let him run around in Jerry World until he gets in trouble and suspended again.
  11. That might well be the case, but your problem isn't at the QB position! I don't follow the Colts everyday, but I think I can say that with some assurance!
  12. But, do you really want an HC who might say this after his QB throws for almost 500 yards, no picks and three TD's: "Obviously, we had a lot of yardage in the passing game yesterday, so there is an illusion that it was great, but considering the number of times we threw it and some of the inefficiencies we had, I wouldn't put it in that category." (Bill Belichick on Tom Brady after beating the Bills in Buffalo on Sunday). He's no fun. I mean, Brady must be thinking "What the fandoodle do I have to do to please this guy?"
  13. Well, I guess if he guaranteed Belichick 10 large a year for five years and gave him a piece of the team, he could steal him away from Kraft. Hell, Belichick would even approve, since he's the guy who invented the mantra, "It's better to let someone go a year too early than a year too late." (For the humor-deprived, that's a joke. )
  14. All I know is that your Colts and my Eagles are both 0--2 and I'd take Luck over Bradford at QB in a heartbeat! Wanna trade straightup? But seriously. Chill and go back and take a look at Belichick's presser after the Patriots got blown out in KC to go 2--2 last year and watch his reaction when some reporter asked him whether he was thinking of "making a change at the Quarterback position." That should be how you guys are feeling now with a stud like Luck at QB. Chill.
  15. And, in this case, there's no excuse at all for not surrounding him with the talent he needs, since he's played these four seasons with a rookie contract. No reason Irsay shouldn't have surrounded him with talent after the 2012 season, when it was clear he was the "real deal."
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