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  1. I was merely pointing out that Luck has always been slightly overrated by analysts. Hes was not the best prospect since Elway. Maybe 3rd best behind Peyton and Carson.
  2. You're saying that now. Had Carson not had to have a dead person's ligament inserted into him, his career might look different. But as a prospect, Carson Palmer was one of the best qbs I've seem coming out of college. His throwing motion amd mechanics were flawless. And he had a better arm than Andrew.
  3. Carson Palmer played in a tougher division and hurt his knee. My point was as a collegiate prospect, Palmer was always motr impressive than Andrew. Andrew has always been overrated for the most part. He's good, but he's not the Elway caliber prospect people claimed.
  4. U compared TY Hilton to Marvin Harrison and u think people take u serious? LOLThere is no such thing as a long term contract in the nfl. Read, its good for u. NO got Unger amd a pick for Graham, so yes, I know TY coult fetch a Center an d a pick.
  5. So in your thinking, TY Hilton is closer to Marvin Harrison than Desean Jackson? And that's when I step away from trying to reason w/ u.
  6. I guess. I really dont know what I was trying to say. But I'll say people who don't like this idea, aren't paying attention to the rest of the league
  7. The fan base seems to either not understand how winning teams are built or don't care. Its all sentimentality. An organization picks up on that and reflects the fanbase. Need more forward thinking from the org, like when they decided to move from Peyton.
  8. We have 2 pro bowl caliber TEs that we need to utilize more. We do a horrible job of attacking the middle of the field. Luck has shown the ability to elevate players around him. Not to mention, I believe trading Hilton would give us a run gm. Which would make our wrs look a lot better. U take away TY Hilton and our WRs are still better than the last 2 SB winners.
  9. Im so tired hearing about Matt Hasselbeck. He played the Jags and Texans for crying out loud. Luck needs to run more imo. Most of Luck's issuea are Luck amd poir coaching. Wont fix that till next season.
  10. This teams problem is partly its fan base. Teams like NE and Sea would not pay a diminutive wr that kind of money. They would build the line. TY is too feast or famine. If u stop the deep ball, u stop him. Id rather get a dependable possession wr. Moncreif and Dorsett are deep threats, TY has become expendable. Especially if getting rid of him can fix our line. I guarantee we can get a pro bowl caliber center. And a 4th rnd pick to go w/ him. Thats real value coming back in return. Its definitely something that a good gm would consider. Especially after using a 1 on Dorsett.
  11. I saw a db fall twice. What I saw were random occurances. Marvin Harrison is one of the best route runners ever. And he actually caught a lot of slants in tge middle of the field. And he had more dependable hands. TY Hilton is not Marvin Harrison. More like Desean Jackson.
  12. I doubt very seriously Clyde Christensen actually coached Peyton Manning. If he loves him so much, why did he got to Cuttcliffe for help when he needed help? If a qb coach is so good, why does Brady go to 3rd parties for help. Luck definitely needsbto go see Tom House. I think Whitfield is Overrated, but go back to him. Go to anyone. Just get the mechanics fixed
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