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  1. I apologize for writing this here, but can anyone help me delete my account? I looked all over on this site. I can't find it. Thanks a lot.
  2. See this?? I knew u didn't know much about football. I'm done wasting time on you. These aren't play calls. LOLOLOLOL...HILARIOUS!!!! No call was worst than that play call Pags called against NE. What was it? Was it a punt? How do u have no linemen out there?? LMAO! What's crazy is, those player mistakes you mentioned are still better than that play call against NE. Know why? Bcuz at least the linemen lined up correctly. LOL. We had 1 snapper and a non QB hiking the ball with no one else on the field...maybe 1 other person far off to the side. That was doomed from the start!!! LOL. You cant na
  3. Can somebody explain the worst play call in NFL history?? Against NE? Stop it. I see Denver, Vikings, etc...all kinds of teams dealing with a whole host of injuries and on their way to the playoffs. In better divisions. This staff is weak. Period! You can't talk against that. You can't defend the worst play call in NFL history, that's just foolish.
  4. This dude just said that Luck contract is the reason why the defense is bad. Umm, hello? Didn't Luck contract just recently get this way? I'm completely done with Irsay and gang until they fix this. I an't take this anymore. It's like they are doing it on purpose. I love my Colts to death and Love Luck but honestly, he should go somewhere else that's gonna appreciate him. 2 years in a row this organization said "F you Luck"...last year, weak butt Pagano says "he's been doing this for 3 years now, has he not". Now this year, Grigs says Luck contract is why the defense is bad. Ok, well, Luck
  5. I was so upset at the fact we resigned Pagano that I wasn't even gonna come to the forum this year. I'm just exhausted with this stuff man. Doug Pedersen was sitting right in front of Irsay face. I don't even think Irsay cares anymore. It shows. He used to have high energy for this team. Maybe it's this coaching that wore him down like it's done me. I wouldn't be surprised if he sold this team soon.
  6. As much as I hate to say this, I agree man. Lacerated kidneys are no joke. What could come next behind this line? It's just safer to go somewhere where they actually care about him. He's gonna get paid regardless where he is, that's not an issue. People take football too lightly. It's no joke out there, u can get long term injures, f that $$$. Pissing blood and stuff like that not cool. He should just go.
  7. As hard of a fan I am. This may be the beginning of the end for me. I can't take this anymore. Year after year, we clearly see our weaknesses and keep them around. These coaches done ripped thru 3 QBs this season. "He's been doing it for 3 years now, has he not"... I'll never forget that crappie Pags said. Not that he would try to get him a line. But to throw Luck under the bus like it's his fault he's getting killed back there. Then look, lacerated kidneys. I would've fired him then. The season was already over with that type thinking. All we're gonna do is beat our division again....if that,
  8. That's why we losers. We comfortable with anything. It's like, it's ok if we win but it's also ok if we lose. I'm noticing that. Our organization is like that as well as our fans. Look at this. Pitiful. There is no way in hell I'm gonna congratulate another team. Especially the team that knocked us off, I'm not happy or cool with that. Naw. Ef you Houston. We'll be back to crush yall next year.
  9. Pagano is better than Kelly. If Irsay was to hire Chip, I'm done with this team. That would mean that we officially waved the white flag for years to come. It would be the dumbest decision ever. No way he falls for that Chip Kelly nonsense.
  10. About the $$$, they are playing. Which means something can always be worked out. Need to take some Jerry Jones lessons. He knows how to shut people mouth that whine about $. In this biz, u get what u pay for. So, u pay and make playoffs or u don't and sit home like we're all about to watch this team do. Every year, terrible moves and all I see is more of a decline. How u have an argument if the team on a decline? Means maybe they should get paid. I can see if they gone and we still crushing but we're not and it shows big time. Proof right in front of ur eyes. Those dudes over there making play
  11. Idk how we let redding and freeney go. Every week all I see is them making plays. Shows how well our scheme is. ...I wonder how many other guys on our roster would flourish under different staff, including Luck. They stumped his growth greatly! ...but if u ask the people in THESE forums, it's all Luck fault. He's the reason we loss redding and freeney. Arians is no fool, picked up another mans' trash and taught him what to do with it. Embarrassing.
  12. I am highly P off! Don't even make the playoffs after being projected to win the Super Bowl. Come on now. That's terrible.
  13. It doesn't matter who's in. The season is over and Luck will be back next year. So, it's no future in whitehurst...it'll just be another pointless move by the staff. Shut down, it's over. The way we looked last game??? It's a wrap. That was it. We needed to win that game. So upset....I was saying 2 years ago that this staff needed to go. They came in with terrible plans. Now look. No one ever saw the signs. We never beat anyone except our division. That was a major sign year in and year out. We make absolutely 0 moves on defense in the offseasons, we look at Luck get killed every daggone year
  14. Michael Jordan stats were great too.....once upon a time.
  15. That entire staff needs to go. 10 points? So much on the line and that's what we come with? Their 2nd and 3rd Qbs out there looking like regular starters. It's pathetic. It really is. Last week a 50 burger and this week u can't close this game out against Weeden??? Weeden got 0 wins without Romo. Come play us and he looks like a nice regular starting Qb...not only that. HE WON A GAME! !! Weeden don't win games. We let this man just do anything and people think our staff deserves honors?? Our staff is the reason our Qb injured in the 1st place. Our drafting stinks. Everything about our scouting
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