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  1. This feels like a bad dream, but I'm awake. Fire the Incompetent GM, and the * coach, now! Seriously, how would it hurt the Franchise at this point in the season? This is absolutely ridiculous!. *
  2. Our Defense wouldn't be all that terrible, if they could just manage alittle pressure on the QB. I am trying to find something positive to say about our D-line, but honestly they are old, slow, and weak!!! *
  3. I've been saying Brady is a system QB for years! *
  4. A good lumberjack doesn't help Andrew in a 2 min. drill. *
  5. He needs to be on the bench. But, no one else is seperating themselves, though. *
  6. Joe Reitz you sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sit the bench scrub! *
  7. Thanks for the info Jeff. I wont even watch now since you have it all figured out. Maybe I will just go fishing with a case of beer since we are already 0-2 before the game starts. [emoji4] That's what here for . Good luck fishing today . *
  8. Our defense is not going to stop C.J. Anderson. We are a joke defensively, and the offense is up against a nasty bunch that can hurt us . Andrew and company will not have enough opportunities to keep this even close. Sucks *
  9. Our defense consists of a group of guys from a town in France, called.......Fragile' . Man they are brittle!!! *
  10. We are done again! The season hasn't started yet. *
  11. Jones is a Fat T_u_r_d anyway! Cut him now, he would be injured before the mid-season point. *
  12. Yeah that is what a lot of Patriots fans don't comprehend for some reason. It really doesn't matter if they would've beat us anyway without cheating. We were a huge underdog and they had the better team + nobody was picking us to win. Pats fans are in denial if they think Brady didn't orchestrate the Balls being deflated or know about it. He touches the ball on every play so that is common sense. Then he doesn't cooperate with an investigation and has his phone destroyed. He messed with the integrity of the game plain and simple. Had this been a criminal investigation that would've been Obstru
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