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  1. It's called sliding and running out of bounds. What Luck stupidly did against Denver was cutting back into the defense. Quarterbacks should never/rarely do that.
  2. Ballard probably couldn't say yes fast enough. It wouldn't be for metcalf though.
  3. I'd the colts want Butler it's gonna be at 26 or 34. And I'm never ever wrong lol.
  4. Luck made one really dumb play against Denver, I don't know why people act like he played like cam newton.
  5. Even if the cardinals don't want Murray, I'm sure they want other teams to think they do.
  6. Who still has Oliver going top 5?
  7. If I moved up to 13, it wouldn't be for a WR.
  8. After googling the question, it looks like you might be correct. I was always under the impression English was somewhat easy to learn....the basics anyway....but difficult to master.
  9. I think Butler looks better than metcalf on tape. But when it comes to the draft take my opinion with a grain of salt.
  10. Edelman is, I love him as a player, but I was talking about guys who line up wide or outside the slot.
  11. That's an exaggeration. They just make extensive use of slot receivers who have great feet and quickness. I can't think of any wideout they have made great. DK Metcalf
  12. I would still be hesitant due to his landing on IR two years in a row.
  13. Not unless the colts think he can pressure the QB.
  14. I'm not saying he can't. I just don't think, or don't know, that he would be reluctant to sign with a team where he has to share carries. Its the way the NFL has been trending for several yrs.
  15. Im sure KC would be all about getting a mid round pick for a 27 yr old Justin Houston.
  16. Unless one is an elite rb, rbc is a way of life for many teams. I think running backs know this.
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