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  1. Not really. People have high hopes....nothing wrong with that. He was injured before the season even started.
  2. Im sure he will respond, but I think people want Williams due to his body type more than his actual play.
  3. Oh, I thought he was a Wes welker type....
  4. When your 3 cone and shuttle times are south of Tom Brady's, I'm not sure your ceiling is JJ or Megatron.
  5. Why would he hate being compared to JuJu?
  6. Not that moss would have become Reggie Wayne, but if moss was drafted by the colts he would have had a much more consistent career.
  7. I've been a proponent of Butlers but I would still prefer a WR with more of an all around game/technician. If the colts sign humphries then maybe give Butler a look in the 2nd and let him and Cain battle it out.
  8. That's because he usually gets rid of them on the downside of their career and people are dumb enough to pay them a lot of money.
  9. Seriously? Moss was phenom in Minnesota.....started whining and got trade to the raiders where he quit. BB genius was swindling an old senile al Davis.
  10. yes, he's made some good moves and some bad moves. But BB as a genius personnel man is a myth.
  11. according to mike Lombardi on his podcast the colts don't talk to ANYONE. So yeah, these reports should be taken with a grain of salt.
  12. No, just everyone realizes he's a mediocre player.
  13. Flowers (if not, Justin Houston) Humphries power back
  14. Chandler Jones has had 11, 17, and 13 sacks since being traded. Tells me BB made a pretty dumb trade. He still wins because he is a genius coach, but he is overrated as a personnel guy.
  15. I'm not in favor of trading up for metcalf, but he and Benjamin are not comparable athletically.
  16. It's called sliding and running out of bounds. What Luck stupidly did against Denver was cutting back into the defense. Quarterbacks should never/rarely do that.
  17. Ballard probably couldn't say yes fast enough. It wouldn't be for metcalf though.
  18. I'd the colts want Butler it's gonna be at 26 or 34. And I'm never ever wrong lol.
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