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  1. Would rather go after Randall Cobb than Williams. Cobb is a true slot who can separate quickly. And not convinced Williams would be an improvement over Cain/Inman/Harry/insert your favorite prospect here on the outside. i watched the chargers play a few times this year and frankly didn't notice Williams at all.
  2. I'm guessing if KC had won the toss and scored a TD this thread would never been made.
  3. The just won in overtime. I would call that a challenge.
  4. I wouldnt trust Iupati or slauson to make it through the season.
  5. The point was they could have won the game before overtime if dee ford had lined up correctly. The rules in overtime are fair and not the fault KC lost.
  6. They should allow each team one challenge per half and that's it. No more automatic reviews or any of that crap. Games are long enough as it is.
  7. Meh. Tom Brady, that's Tom Brady, threw a high pass to Gronk that turned into a pick that should have ended the game in regulation. blame Dee Ford.
  8. The RB debate has been ongoing for years on this forum. These sites are simply confirming what some have been saying for quite some time.
  9. Everyone thought he sucked when he was hired lol. i dunno, the guy has been let go 3 times in like 5 yrs......
  10. Unfortunately, Clark and Flowers are pipe dreams.
  11. BOTT

    Stupid T-Shirts

    A bit juvenile? The ravens have a WWE style pyrotechnic show just to introduce players.
  12. BOTT

    Stupid T-Shirts

    Just good natured ribbing. Don't be so sensitive. Besides, we always have this:
  13. Why was not hiring kubiak a good idea? I thought that was great match.
  14. You sexist patriarchal pigs!!!
  15. I'm never that high on drafting a WR in the first, especially in the top 15ish, but 6'4 230 > 5'10 185.
  16. Hasn't played long and had two season ending injuries.....meh.
  17. While we're at it, they should go back to this shade of blue.
  18. Blue helmet with color rush: no Blue helmet with all whites: yes
  19. I could live with the whites if the color rush became permanent.....nice contrast between the two.
  20. I take it you hate the all whites too?
  21. If the colts are going to play mostly zone I'm not going to spend the #6 pick on a cb. Well, unless he is getting a lot of picks.
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