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  1. Even if the TD's were legit, it doesn't take away from the fact that we've been doing this for four years now... Give the opponent a big lead before trying to climb back into contention.
  2. We'd have to trade Pep too, can we get Bill Callahan or Lane Kiffin?
  3. A lot of Luck's turnovers come from forcing balls into windows where it should not be forced.. The first couple years he had a problem throwing high.. Which isn't a bad thing, but he went through learning curve from College to Pros. However the one on one balls that get intercepted are not always on the QB. They're taught to put it where their guy can go make a play, and I haven't seen a whole lot of fierce competition from our WRs getting open much less trying to catch it.
  4. It seems that our offensive coaching staff hasn't "got it" the last 4 years.. We've always been pretty predictable.
  5. Pep needs to realize this is not college. In College all you need to do is win the LOS and win the explosive play battle and you're guaranteed to win about 80% of the time.. Statistically proven Why is it so hard to change our playcalling? I'm looking at a lot of other teams are adept at hitting 2-3 yard balls and letting their WR get 5-6 yards on dink and dunk type.. I'm not a football expert by any means, but a short passing game is almost as effective as a dominating run game as far as getting teams to cheat up a bit on defense.
  6. I hear ya.. But when you use CTE it seems a bit like hyperbole I feel the same way you do.. It's frustrating to watch him scrape himself off of the turf every week.
  7. He has lost all momentum in NO after dealing away most of his offensive weapons and the suspension, and Drew Brees in his the last few years of his career, and he recently went to a Super Bowl and beat guess who? Doesn't seem like a stretch or a bad fit IMO. I would be excited. They have a pretty solid run game going in NO.
  8. I get it, but this article & future research might make this subject joked about much less.. Stats are alarming http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24732026/report-76-of-79-nfl-player-brains-studied-show-signs-of-cte
  9. Dang I missed it. I had to watch it at an over-crowded buffalo wild wings with the Cowboys game on, so I had no audio.. I was curious what was going on there.. I'm sure he felt bad about negating that huge pass play.
  10. YAY. This thread is soon to be full of win.
  11. I think a small portion of our problem is "identity". We don't seem to know exactly who we want to be..
  12. I'm confused, hah. I thought I was agreeing with you... The other poster was complaining that we had more available tickets than the Packers... Kinda forgone that they have a more rabid & engaged fan base compared to Indy. I think when you compare the colts to the other new teams in the league, we are pretty solid... Albiet a little fair-weatherish. Some of that shows itself in the ticket sales due to the lack of demand in our market... I'm sure other fan bases have just as many people dumping their tickets when the team isn't playing well. Heck I went to arrowhead a couple years back
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