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  1. Even if the TD's were legit, it doesn't take away from the fact that we've been doing this for four years now... Give the opponent a big lead before trying to climb back into contention.
  2. We'd have to trade Pep too, can we get Bill Callahan or Lane Kiffin?
  3. A lot of Luck's turnovers come from forcing balls into windows where it should not be forced.. The first couple years he had a problem throwing high.. Which isn't a bad thing, but he went through learning curve from College to Pros. However the one on one balls that get intercepted are not always on the QB. They're taught to put it where their guy can go make a play, and I haven't seen a whole lot of fierce competition from our WRs getting open much less trying to catch it.
  4. It seems that our offensive coaching staff hasn't "got it" the last 4 years.. We've always been pretty predictable.
  5. Pep needs to realize this is not college. In College all you need to do is win the LOS and win the explosive play battle and you're guaranteed to win about 80% of the time.. Statistically proven Why is it so hard to change our playcalling? I'm looking at a lot of other teams are adept at hitting 2-3 yard balls and letting their WR get 5-6 yards on dink and dunk type.. I'm not a football expert by any means, but a short passing game is almost as effective as a dominating run game as far as getting teams to cheat up a bit on defense.
  6. I hear ya.. But when you use CTE it seems a bit like hyperbole I feel the same way you do.. It's frustrating to watch him scrape himself off of the turf every week.
  7. He has lost all momentum in NO after dealing away most of his offensive weapons and the suspension, and Drew Brees in his the last few years of his career, and he recently went to a Super Bowl and beat guess who? Doesn't seem like a stretch or a bad fit IMO. I would be excited. They have a pretty solid run game going in NO.
  8. I get it, but this article & future research might make this subject joked about much less.. Stats are alarming http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/eye-on-football/24732026/report-76-of-79-nfl-player-brains-studied-show-signs-of-cte
  9. Dang I missed it. I had to watch it at an over-crowded buffalo wild wings with the Cowboys game on, so I had no audio.. I was curious what was going on there.. I'm sure he felt bad about negating that huge pass play.
  10. YAY. This thread is soon to be full of win.
  11. I think a small portion of our problem is "identity". We don't seem to know exactly who we want to be..
  12. I'm confused, hah. I thought I was agreeing with you... The other poster was complaining that we had more available tickets than the Packers... Kinda forgone that they have a more rabid & engaged fan base compared to Indy. I think when you compare the colts to the other new teams in the league, we are pretty solid... Albiet a little fair-weatherish. Some of that shows itself in the ticket sales due to the lack of demand in our market... I'm sure other fan bases have just as many people dumping their tickets when the team isn't playing well. Heck I went to arrowhead a couple years back
  13. Kinda agree.. just not as adamantly. Comparing the colts fan base to Green Bay who has been in once city for almost 100 years is a little off. Also comparing the Colts to a major market team like the Jets or the Giants is ill advised Indianapolis is the 33rd largest MSA in the country with just under 2 million(Indy - Carmel - Muncie). There is 5 times the population of our MSA within the 5 burroughs of NYC.. NYC's MSA has 10x greater population than Indy. SO, there is far greater demand for athletic events in the major markets. Add on top the fact the colts are relatively new to the cit
  14. Worked out for the Seahawks.. Just sayin Not that I think it's a good fit, but I think the timing might be right for Saban to look for a new challenge if you don't take his age into account. A lot of these articles are just click-bait.. It's pretty obvious once they fire Pagano, we get a lot of interest from coaching candidates. Who wouldn't want to coach an NFL team with a franchise QB in place...? We have a pretty attractive situation for most..
  15. I'm gonna generalize some of your polite tirade Correctable Issues Penalties Turnovers Missed FG's Not being able to put the ball in the endzone Perrenial Issues - Less Correctable Seemingly being outschemed by opposing coaches or being too "predictable" Not being able to protect Andrew Luck (see below) Andrew Luck holds onto ball Slow offensive starts - A lot of Andrew's stats in year 1 were garbage stats when teams started to relax schematically. Improvements so far 2015 Run blocking (more runs against a defense that is creased and first contact is behind the DL) Run Defense (mu
  16. We have had the same problems the last 4 years. The fact that you're not ready to panic is very alarming...? wth is your major malfunction. It's not like we've just sprung some new problems this season that we've never seen before. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  17. You still have offered no ideas or solutions how to improve... The only thing you fall back on is "well it's not that bad". I'd like to remind you that you are on a message board with Colts fans who are a little more passionate than your average couch potato. The purpose of this board is to discuss issues regarding "your team". Not to sit back and make fun of people who seem to know a little bit more about football and care a little bit more than you do. There is nothing wrong with being a ho-hum aww shucks type of fan, but don't call me out for discussing obvious glaring issues. If you want t
  18. Deal with sleezball agents & coordinate with scouts when the coaches are coaching.
  19. I would like to use the KISS method right now as it relates to our Roster. IMO Our defense is serviceable.. especially if we can get this offense hitting on all cylinders..we have the ability to stop the rush and provide a turnover here or there. If we can't get our offense hitting on all cylinders, dealing future picks away and or signing top flight talent that will command a lot of guaranteed $$$ might not be the best play right now. Are you talking in general or trying to get something done this season?
  20. I think this is one thing we can pitch Jim Harbaugh. He knows what it takes to win, and giving him control over front office decisions would be a very attractive offer for him...albiet tough to pry him away from UM before he ever does anything with them. I'm rooting for a Big10 championship and either a rose bowl or tournament appearance for the Wolverines this year so he could feel less like he left business unfinished in Ann Arbor. Go Blue! Hail to the Victors.
  21. when is the homeless guy going to pour the accelerant on the garbage in the dumpster?
  22. Throwing where they are not is smart. We ran a slant into a zone blitz and after the lineman pass interfered our WR he tipped the ball and a DB picked it off... Look at the play and if we had a route into the flat, the gain was 20-25 yards easy. Screens aren't as safe as many people like to think... Fast defenses react to footwork by your line and backs to sniff these out and your QB can get confused by a host of bodies and screens/slants can become pick 6 machines.
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