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  1. Landry wanted no part of Blount .... Never understand why Serigo Brown is not the starter. If not him give Dewy Mcdonald a shot, at least he's not afraid of contact.
  2. Suh ... Just because he's younger than Revis.
  3. Would love to see some bootlegs like Gary Kubiac uses in his offense.
  4. ILB or Safety ... Jackson and Freeman do get pushed around to easy. Would love a Jamie Collins type LB.
  5. Never liked the signing to begin with. There's a reason he wasn't on anybody's roster.
  6. As long as we fix the O-Line I'm ok with our RB'S. Free agency and the draft .
  7. Suh will eat up money we need for the O-Line. Luck can only take so many hits before he gets hurt. Love what Dallas is doing with their O-Line.
  8. Don't see Nicks being on the team next year. Even our best receivers cant seem to catch the ball ,so why keep an average receiver that cant catch the ball. Dropped passes killed us all year.
  9. I always wondered... if a team wanted to stay under the cap and still keep high priced players couldn't they just make up a lower contract amount and pay the player or players the rest of the money agreed to under the table. The player would just have to get the under the table money first to make sure he gets his money . JUST WONDERING
  10. I would like Freeman more if he was a weakside linebacker in a 4-3 defense .Don't think he's a good fit in our 3-4 . I don't think he's terrible I think he's average or a hair above. Sure wish he was taller. I do think he'll be back next year.
  11. At first , I was in favor of getting rid of Manusky but after reading other posts I realize Manusky has nothing to work with on defense. IMO the only keepers we have on defense are Vontae , Art Jones ,Toler, and Newsome. The rest are average at best or below average. Until this year , the Pats pass defense has been near the bottom of the league for the past few years. And that's with the best coach in the league. Revis and Jamie Collins have turned that defense around.
  12. Good.... Make Chud the new OC and get rid of PEP. The offense has regressed , we've gone 7 straight games without scoring 30 points.
  13. Couldn't agree more ... I would keep Pagano but Manusky and Pep have to go. I think our offense sucked the last half of the season. Don't even remember the last time we scored 30 points. And against good QBs our defense was a no show. But after listening to Paganos last press conference I think he knows something better be done to fix these problems. Crossing my fingers.
  14. The defense always looks confused . Paganos 3-4 scheme isn't working. I think we should go back to the 4-3 defense like Seattle. As for the colts offensive talent, I would trade TY for Edelmann straight up right now. He's a true football player.I wanted the Colts to sign him 2 years ago.
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