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  1. You said "against the rules=cheating". That's not always the case. But I agree with you that this a more serious infraction that could be considered as possibly cheating.
  2. They would have beaten us with a decent QB. I don't get what you're trying to say. Adding a competent QB would have made those wins by 6 points or fewer losses? A competent QB makes them better and I stand by my statement.
  3. I said at the end. Seattle had it in the bag and blew it because of a stupid call. The interception was luckier than that catch because it ended the game when it was almost certain Seattle was going to win. Disclaimer: I didn't even watch the game. Saw a replay of the final SEA play.
  4. FTFY Football is a team sport. The QB has a lot of influence on that team, but they can't do it by themselves.
  5. Is wearing the wrong colored cleats cheating also?
  6. Because they think they may have cheated. There is doubt in their mind about the ethics of their organization.
  7. If they had a competent QB they would have won 10.
  8. It doesn't. Our owner has/had a drug/drinking problem. That's fact and he's working on it.
  9. No. I like the way you rile me up. Keeps me alive and makes me remember I have a pulse.
  10. I'm absolutely tired of you and other Pats fans trying to blame the Colts for the Patriots trying to cheat. Idk what crazy world you live in, but in the real world the Colts weren't the ones with the deflated footballs. Why are you guys even here? Shouldn't you be celebrating in your own forum?
  11. To be fair, they really lucked out at the end.
  12. Bad Morty is good at this straw man argument.
  13. But the Seahawks still should have won. That's what people realize. The best team that day didn't win because of one bonehead decision.
  14. That is dumber than Brady's face. Greenberg is a worthless rumor spreader.
  15. Not going to lie. This shows how athletic Art Jones is more than anything. Also, pathetic attempt by Landry.
  16. That's just the way Canton works. It has absolutely nothing to do with his off field "issues". Ray Lewis was charged with (murder?) and plead guilty to obstruction. He will be a first ballot because there is no backlog of LB's trying to get in. I agree it's dumb and we wouldn't have this problem had they put Tim Brown in right after Jerry Rice.
  17. No it isn't. There's a backlog of receivers. That is the only reason. If it was because of his off field issues he would never get in.
  18. Let the guy heal. Then we'll see him next year.
  19. IDK. I think we will beat them twice next season. Just have that feeling.
  20. Especially when they have Beast Mode. He's known for getting yards when players are stacked against him. Unbelievable call.
  21. Andre Reed last year was worse. Do they have a rule where they can only do one at each position? Why is Jerome Bettis in?
  22. Yeah. I don't see where the jealousy is coming from. Maybe in 2004 or 2005. But not now. Every team is disappointed if they don't win the Super Bowl. I'm not jealous of a team that has lost their last 2 Super Bowls. I'm jealous of Seattle. That's a team that just won and they're there again and they have a good team.
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