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  1. I think we score 6 points, I'm not going to try and guess what the chiefs do.
  2. Falcons win, our d is nicked up, and our offense can't keep up in a shootout.
  3. I dont know if minshew is good, or if the titans d is a overrated. Its probably both.
  4. Who got more value as a trade, hoyer's or kelly?
  5. Nah the jets secondary is just so good it's making him look bad, just like titans secondary last week.
  6. Jb is a less talented alex smith. He will win games in the regular season. Jb is in no way a bad qb, hes adequate. We are spoiled as fans, we need to get used to a bit of mediocrity from our passing, every team has gone through this.
  7. Chargers are garbage so far this year, they are way under performing this far.
  8. They looked like garbage last week, I'm not surprised by the loss honestly.
  9. He played ok at best. We will not be an offensive powerhouse with him at the helm. I'm ok with that, it's just going to take some time to get used to.
  10. He looked like a stud today.
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