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  1. TOUCHDOWN!!!! Boy its had watching this game upon NFL GameCentre.
  2. That's it! I'm going out to do some gardening. Last time I did this the Colts came back and beat The Bucks in Tampa. Who Knows!
  3. I'm just glad I'm not the only Colts fan in Australia
  4. What a catch! He could play AFL with a catch like that. It's what we call a SPECKY.
  5. LOL! I've only been up for 3 hours and I can hardly wait. I have to go on the internet to fill in the time before the game starts.
  6. That's right! We also don't always get TNF so I'm glad this game is televised. Been looking forward to this game for a while. And the beauty is that The Colts are in with a real chance.
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