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  1. Wow! This keeps our season alive. Congratulations Indianapolis Colts
  2. I'm getting nerve wrecked about something happening on the other side of the planet.
  3. I feel we need a TD on this OT drive to win. We couldn't stop them on their last two drives
  4. Ha ha! If you live in Australia you get all your live NFL in the early hours of the morning. I like this one. It comes on our TV at 12 midnight Sunday night. I'm looking forward to this one. It's the 1st Colts game I get to see live on TV this season. Go COLTS!
  5. In the words of Ken Hinkley "you get what you deserve"
  6. I've seen the Colts play in three games on Australian TV this season. If we make the playoffs, win or lose, I get to see them again on TV. At this stage I think we're not good enough to make it though.
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