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  1. Why did the Colts release Al Woods?
  2. Half a dozen things need to develop in combination before Ballard would receive a legit trade offer on JB, much less seriously consider such an offer: 1. JB continues to improve his level of QB play in the final two preseason games. 2. Luck sits out the first two or three regular season games to continue healing 3. JB plays at a high level in those games and consistently displays starting-QB talent. 4. Luck gets fully healthy and resumes his elite level of play. 5. Kelly returns from suspension and balls out in practices against the starting D. 6. A playoff caliber team loses its starting QB for the season, and their backups suck. JB is worth more to the Colts than a mid-to-late round pick. A 2nd rounder? Maybe.
  3. It seems the Colts are suffering an embarrassment of riches at the TE position this season. Hopefully, no more serious injuries (knock on wood). Even Hentges is getting open and flashing good hands in preseason. He probably won't make the 53-man roster, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if he even gets to the practice squad before some other team nabs him.
  4. If that's the case, he should have gone to Phoenix or Los Angeles. We get plenty of rain here in Indy. Maybe not as much as Seattle, but way more than we need.
  5. Posted 01 April 2015 - 11:55 AM Round 1 - #29 A - Malcolm Brown, DL, Texas B - Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri C - Landon Collins, S, Alabama Round 2 - #61 A - T.J. Clemmings, OL, Pittsburgh B - Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska Round 3 - #93 A - Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State B - Henry Anderson, DE, Stanford Round 4 - #128 A - Jeremiah Poutasi, OL, Utah B - Cody Prewitt, S, Ole Miss Round 5 - #165 A - Clayton Geathers, S, UCF B - Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State Round 6a - #204 A - Darren Waller, WR/TE, Georgia Tech B - Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville Round 6b - #206 A - Kyshoen Jarrett, S, Virginia Tech B - Jarvis Harrison, OL, Texas A&M Round 7a - #244 A - Louis Trinca-Pasat, DT, Iowa B - Anthony Harris, S, Virginia Round 7b - #255 A - Xavier Williams, DT, Northern Iowa B - Shane Carden, QB, East Carolina
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