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  1. I'll settle this; I live in Tampa...While it's not what I would call a "party town" there is a significant amount of things to do here. I hope Peterson goes to the Bucs...just cuz it means he wont be on the Colts, lol.
  2. It's a neat idea, but just really poor execution and player ranks. The Browns are a better SB contender than us? What...? The Texans? didn't we beat them twice? I mean, the Bills and Giants are more SB ready than the Colts? The Bengals!? None of that makes any sense at all. Some of the player rankings are wonky as well. I'm sorry, but Peyton Manning at average? Sure, he had a down year by his standards, but then why is Brees up at elite? He was a turnover machine just like Luck. Sorry, I just don't buy that Peyton deserves to be in the same category as Nick Foles, Eli Manning, Ryan T
  3. Let's all settle down and just get back to commenting on the game, please.
  4. It's actually something I've thought a lot about Trent. He has really good cuts, but just doesn't have the burst to make something out of it most of the time. If he lost 6-10 pounds, it would help his speed and agility a lot. It worked wonders for Bell and Lacy this season.
  5. Yeah, I wont argue with you there. Shipley definitely has a better mental game than Harrison right now.
  6. Yeah, the line improved with all the changes. However, before we start crowning Shipley, he was tossed around like a rag doll on a few occasions I noticed. He really wasn't that much better than Harrison. Holmes however, was a massive improvement over Reitz.
  7. Disappointing as he was showing some promise. I feel like this HAS to be a behavioral issue. Unfortunately, a concern with him.
  8. Can we win out? Sure. If we can play a Full Game of some of that dominating football we've all seen from this team. So far, it's happened once. Against a Bengals team that was in a downward spiral at the time. If we play like we've played the last few weeks? No way. I'm expecting another 11-5 finish, with the loss coming from the Cowboys. That run game...with what the Patriots did to us, imagine what THEY will do. I'm not expecting the December collapse from Romo this season. It's not all on him anymore. The other two games that concern me are the Browns and the Texans game. Yes
  9. I think the Patriots are gonna win fairly handily. We'll see though
  10. Gotta say, these last few weeks have me thinking that Denver isn't a serious SB contender. They'll make the playoffs, obviously (Like Manning always does) but, I expect a quick exit. No running game, can't seem to push the ball down field like last year, either. All they have are screens, and quick passes. I also keep hearing about how much better the defense is, but...ehh?
  11. I'm gonna say 5 catches for around 50 yards. Pats do a good job of taking away your best target. I expect Allen to be well covered as well. If we're gonna win, it's going to have to be with Wayne, Fleener, Nicks, etc. (For the record, I am predicting a win for us)
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and say game over here. I'll be shocked. SHOCKED. If the Broncos manage a comeback.
  13. Jeeze. DT is having a terrible game. Can't even stay on the field. Wow...
  14. Sheesh. So far, this is just the Patriots day.
  15. Good lord...Pats are winning the chess match so far.
  16. Teams always seem to play the most undisciplined, mistake-prone football against the Patriots. Not even necessarily IN Foxboro...just...against them. I don't get it. Unforced errors. It's maddening.
  17. The worst thing about the pick, is now the offense is going to be super conservative and try to force the run.
  18. Ehh. Defense hasn't been awful today, really. Held them to 2 FG's, and they gave up the TD on a short field. It happens. Denver offense needs to get going. Still don't understand that throw. Ninkovich just fooled him, I guess.
  19. Horrible play by Peyton there. I have little faith in Denvers ability to win this game (not cuz of the pick...just how ive felt all week)
  20. The Broncos pass rush is ALL OVER Brady /sarcasm Oh, sure...get the sack on FIRST down -__-
  21. Yeah, exactly. He grabbed, pulled, THEN tipped. C'mon man...However, there was holding for days on the TD run by Hillman
  22. Yeah, if it snows, Denver doesn't have a chance, IMO. No snow, and I think Denver should win.
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