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  1. 5 minutes ago, PRnum1 said:

    My fellow Colts fans please listen to what I say.


    It was Tevi that ended Rivers career with the Chargers. 


    For those who say that Rivers is a statue and Tevi will be fine, please keep in mind that Tevi played last season with Herbert who took a horrible beating too. And Herbert is far more mobile than even Wentz at this point in their careers. So Wentz being more mobile will not save him.


    Tevi was so bad the Chargers took a LT at 13. They simply let Tevi go. Absolutely no effort was made to resign him.


    Tevi is a QB killer. He ended Rivers career and if he is starting opening day Wentz could be one and done with the Colts too.


    Please don't let this happen. It would break my heart to see Wentz get injured behind the QB killer.


    You all have been warned!!!

    thanks, we’ll be sure to not play him on Sundays...



    Will Holden played well when he went in for AC. If Tevi is this bad, expect him to be beat out.

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  2. TY is on with McAfee right now. Shout out to McAfee for these awesome interviews.


    TY said Baltimore offered him tons of money. So much he had a really hard time refusing. Said his tweet yesterday with a bunch of eye emojis was regarding Baltimore’s final push to try to get him.


    He and Wentz have talked a lot. Wentz definitely let him know that he wanted to play with him. I think that’s awesome.


    Also talked about Andrew (:Cry:) and how they’ve been talking. Said Andrew is so happy and nearly talking him into retiring. Haha

    TY said he wanted a 1-2 year deal. 




    TY TY TY :coltslogo:


    Baltimore is desperate.

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  3. Stellar interview on Pat McAfee’s show with Carson today. As someone who was worried about how thick his skin is and how much criticism he can take, it was awesome to watch. Was able to joke around and take it all in stride. Pat was openly critical in the past and brought that up on the show.


    Sorry I don’t have a link.

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  4. The Colts do not have much success bringing in free agent receivers  :dunno:


    In my mind, TY is as good as gone and we need to sign someone in free agency. But I’d love for us to take another young WR in the draft also. As pretty much everyone else has said, who knows if Campbell is someone we can rely on with all the crazy injuries.

  5. Hilton jumped back onto Twitter yesterday after a hiatus and was answering questions.  Almost makes me wonder if it’s actually him or not based on some of his answers. But definitely doesn’t sound like someone whose heart is still set on Indy.

  6. Irsay is talking to the media right now for those who don’t know.


    sounds like Stafford and Rodgers would meet Mr Irsay’s criteria. Also commented that he wasn’t surprised Phil decided to retire but wishes they could have run it back with him again since he loved watching the team this year and loves Phil...

    I’d say that pretty much confirms he wasn’t forced out.



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  7. 10 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    His age scares me not because he can’t play. At that age he could retire anytime. I don’t want to be searching for another QB after a year because he decides to retire.

    Can you imagine? We sign Rodgers and he ends up retiring after one season. Haha Indianapolis Colts - where HOF QBs come to retire.

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