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  1. 7 hours ago, csmopar said:

    Well Ty is likely to retire for sure now. Sucks, but hopefully we have some young guns that can step up in his place. 

    I think you’re right. I remember when he signed with the Colts he talked very openly with Pat McAfee about wanting the 1 year contract and getting it at the price he wanted. He wouldn’t say his plan was to retire after the 1 year, but….

    Add spinal issues to that, and I think Mr Ghost is ready to kickback and enjoy his baby Ghosts.



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  2. 2 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

    Well they didn’t give Eason more reps before the Carolina game. Probably because they learned aloe about Eason yesterday and just wanted to see what Sam had today.




    This is exactly what I’m sensing. He would be doing more if they’d let him, but they have him on a strict schedule working backwards from week 1.


    I’m fine if Eason (or Ehlinger) plays that week one game though, it’s unknown if Wentz makes us anymore competitive :dunno:

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  3. 9 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:


    They are working backwards as far as where he needs to be each week to play week 1. Just by listening to Reich, I’m thinking Wentz will need to be a full-go by Friday, 9/3 to play in that first game. I think it happens.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Wentzszn said:

    They report everything Sam does so yes there is stuff to report. 

    Okay you can go ahead and believe the media has an agenda, I’m just telling you what I saw. Which was nothing valuable to assessing the QBs :)

  5. 4 hours ago, Wentzszn said:

    I think I need to find another team to root for. It’s so damn exhausting when every year there is drama and fans fighting with this team. Every year it’s something else with this team. I have been trying to keep negativity out of my life the last year and it was working great. I just can’t handle it anymore. 

    Are you kidding? Fandom will never be all rainbows and sunshine. It’s the lows that make the highs that much better. It’ll be okay.

    Maybe take a break from social media for a bit? I promise you it’s not that bad.



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  6. 3 minutes ago, King Colt said:

    Now Iann Rappaport said 5 -7 weeks, a far cry from twelve. If the info changes every ten minutes maybe he can start game one!  .

    He’s also the one reporting that Carson was going to rest for a few days to see if it would take care of itself. Didn’t sound like the team was on that train at allll. Surgery already being done today at 4.

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  7. Just now, Shive said:

    Reich: "5-12 weeks, but we're confident that it will be on the lower end."

    Some fans on this forum:

    will ferrell panic GIF



    The doom scrolling here is excessive....

    I keep checking myself because I’m not worried about this and honestly pretty relieved it isn’t worse. Deep breaths y’all. It’ll be okay! 

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