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  1. Jason V Laan is QB or TE.. I`m confused by the report. please help me to clarify thank you
  2. you can`t win in this Leagues without QB Colts don`t have QB yet it`s going to a long season.. I`m very disappointed for today game plan,
  3. if Sidney Jones is there when Colts pick in 2nd round will they considered him?
  4. it`s sound like for some of us as fans.i love this pick..still come day 2 and 3 stay put the Colts Rules!!!!
  5. All i knew is that after they retired both player will the great players ever play for Colts. sorry i can`t tell the different between the Regular and Decaf coffee..
  6. Whit the 29th pick in the 2015 nfl draft: the Indianapolis Colts select Melvin Gordon university of Wiscon BOOYAAAH!!!
  7. Do something is better then do nothing.to find a diamond in therough you have to digging hard ; that`s what the men trying to do!
  8. I hope Luck don`t end up to be madden cover.because every players as been select for the madden cover had either bad season or get injured. no . please don`t vote for Andrew Luck....
  9. You can just stop worry everything will take care it self.those man have hearts no one can`t scout..
  10. Anybody see today Colts Team Practice pictures? is look like cartoon
  11. Peyton Manning have 7 TD pass ,but they only have 61 Rushing yards. so you do the math!!
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