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  1. Adam Humphries, WR (slot) Bryce Callahan, CB (slot) or Landon Collins, SS and re-sign Desir Darius Philon, DT
  2. Crowder was making some noise with Cousins in '17, but last year was a disaster, much like the 'Skins season overall. Not sure the asking price would be worth it. I'm all for Humphries, who is plainly a player on the rise. Surprised Tate, who IS past his prime, hasn't seen more chatter here. I remember noting in an article that he has the route running/timing skill set that would work well with Luck and the offense being run in Indy. I wouldn't mind seeing Tate III in a blue uni this year.
  3. I'd like to know how Cain's potential is being factored into this year's FA/draft strategy by the front office. Do they view him as the #2 they're looking for? Do they still want a big-bodied, sure-handed ball hawk for 3rd down and red zone security? Good food for thought.
  4. I like AJ Brown and Parris Campbell, both of whom may be available in the 2nd... although I wouldn't want to wager on Brown being there if indeed that's "our guy"
  5. This is a keen observation. We don't HAVE to spend most or all of the $100 mil, but the market is stocked pretty full of guys at positions of our need. Still have my simple, no-splash wishlist: Darius Philon, DT, Chargers; Adam Humphries, WR, Buccaneers; Bryce Callahan, CB, Bears (alternate - Jason Verrett, CB, Chargers). Save some cash for when life (injury) happens and to lock up talented Colts fits for the long term. Build through the draft with rookie cap players. FA contracts are just getting insane.
  6. Walter Football is just like marriage... a compromise. Walter has a great volume and accuracy of intel for many facets of multiple sports.... but the site looks like it was designed by an 8th grader who wants to be a spammer when he grows up. Solution: make sure you have pop-up/ad blockers enabled. I can still see banners wanting me to see what Tiger Woods and Honey Boo Boo are up to, but I can just scroll past them. I've also found that waiting an extra second or two for the page to load prevents me from inadvertantly clicking on an add or wrong link. I don't know why Walt chooses to present a webpage like he does, but have chosen to take the bad with the good. It's like reading an article from Jason Whitlock... you don't know if you're getting Witty Whitlock or Freebasin' Jason... but you'll likely go back to the well to find out. Each year my friends in Vegas do a 1st round draft pool, and each year I take them to the cleaners mostly by wasting time reading Walter Football and doing OnTheClock mock drafts. It's fun and I enjoy it. I would have wasted that time doing something else. Might as well get paid to say "I told ya so" in May. In short, I feel ya Mike. I do. Sometimes I lob shots at Walter in the comments section just to vent the frustrations you've echoed above. Gotta have fun with it!
  7. Forgive me for seeming callous, but how is the original post information any different than anything we've already been fed? It seems that Colts brass has one of the best poker faces in the game. Armed with $101 million in free and clear cap space, there has been no definitive intel on who the Colts are truly targeting. Kudos to them for maintaining leverage through secrecy. I love not knowing who we'll land in free agency. It will be like getting up on Christmas morning to open our presents... with great hopes but no guarantees. Such are the simple pleasures in life. It's a great luxury to have faith in our front office's ability to make smart business decisions for the short AND long term. Love it!
  8. I'll pour out some of my 40 oz for him, but like a pitcher who's lost his fastball I can't flash the cash for Bethea.
  9. In regards to CJ Mosley... Who thinks that a Ravens team predicated on defense, who's been trying to replace Ray Lewis since his retirement, would let Mosley walk in FA if he was a player worth retaining following his rookie deal?
  10. "Get'cha Popcorn!" -Terrell 'I invented modern drama' Owens
  11. I think it's the Raiders, too... the team with the most firepower between picks and purse. They're getting ready for a new look in a new stadium in a new city. Brown will fit in nicely with that big splash narrative.
  12. While emotional, I don't take Antonio Brown to be a stupid man. He knows full well what shooting his mouth off and posting Tweets/messages has done to his team's leverage in trade negotiations. The question has to be asked: Has he already decided that he's done with football and is just having fun with the entire league? Is it the big F.U. to the traditional ownership power structures that exist? I really don't mind him saying that he doesn't need to play, but wants it. However, that also means he's trying to treat teams/owners like he's in charge at an unprecedented level. Either he's going to get a max bid Golden Egg contract with the right team of his choice or he'll simply bounce. Based on the way everything has unfolded to date, that's my educated guess. So far my prediction is that there's no takers and he retires... only to unretire a year later and sign with a contender. Time is running out on a deal, so if you'd like to weigh in on some A.B. theory... smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
  13. How about Denzel Perryman lighting people up with Leonard out there? I guess if we're talking in terms of bargains then I propose Darius Philon, DT from the Chargers also.
  14. Some good points have been made. If there are no impact fits left at DL for #26, it stands to reason that some other good players will get pushed down. I don't believe a trade-down will happen because someone high on Ballard's board will fall. Mike and others mentioned getting a good LB to pair with Leonard and I'd like to see that as well. I'm just not sure who, as a good fit, would be available as a value there. It would be pretty sweet to land a starting CB like Baker, Williams or Murphy there. Killing 2 birds with one stone (starter + filling need) allows you more flexibility in the following rounds.
  15. What would it feel like to get rung up on a sweep play by a guy with his size with 4.42 speed? Brutal.
  16. He's big and athletic, with big play ability. So was Kelvin Benjamin. Metcalf is far from a polished route runner and is tight coming out of breaks (i.e. lack of separation at the NFL level). Worth drafting? Sure. Worth trading picks to go get? Doubtful.
  17. Thinking in terms of strategy, I wonder if Indy won't address another position and see if Tillery is still there at the top of the 2nd. Lawrence is no slam dunk, so he might be a hard sell for Ballard as a 1st round pick.
  18. Good observation regarding Metcalf's frame. He can always modify that I suppose. It's been reported he's not a great route runner, which can be learned. He won't be able to abuse DBs at the NFL level like he did with the college kids. The beauty of this draft is that there is ample WR talent, despite the fact that there are no surefire slam dunks. Someone will be available at the right spot.
  19. I could see Coleman ripping off some big ones behind Indy's line. On the flip side, he will likely be expensive for a part-time player and he underwhelmed as "the guy" in ATL when Freeman was lost for the season. If you put Mack and Coleman together, what percentage of a Le'Veon Bell do you have vs. the cost?
  20. Jurrell Casey, the best player nobody ever hears about.
  21. I saw Oliver's size measurables were a little low. I hope that allows him to fall to 26.
  22. According to draft values chart, the 13th pick is worth 1150 pts. It would take the equivalent of Indy's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd round picks (1150 pts) to equal that type of value. Miami would want Brissett plus pick(s) to move up that far. Fortunately, there will be a plurality of WR1 level talent at 26 and 34. All said, sure I'd like a shot at Metcalf!
  23. Parker will be a FA for a reason. Nobody says "Hey, you hear that 3-legged, ball-flappin' one-eyed shag will be hitting the SPCA showroom floor next week?" Parker will be more likely to be living under a 4-million-dollar bridge in 5 years than making $4 million dollars. Blue truth bomb.
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