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  1. I was wondering how effective TE coach Jason Michaels was & if the Colts might let him go after the season. Now he's gone anyway. Thou they could have told him he wouldn't be retained. I don't know. I just think the TE group kind of under performed this season. Not sure if it was coaching, the system or the players weren't very good, but I thought they didn't get enough receptions out of MAC or Burton. Per FFToday.com rankings Burton was ranked #24; MAC #27 & Doyal #35. Based on targets, receptions & yards. No blocking input. I hope they can ad
  2. Agree, the playoffs usually have the better QB's. The only way to keep them somewhat in check is a pass rush. No sacks this last game. Also, the blitze's don't seem very sucessful either. Means your offense has to play well & out score the other team. I hope Ballard use's free agency this off season for pass rush help as well as the draft. Needs: - OT; Pass rushers; WR; CB; Cover LB; TE
  3. I agree with the opinions the front office must not think this team has much chance to win the super bowl. Hence the other teams were asking for too much in trade compensation. I also agree the playoffs would be a confidence buider for this team, for next season. Draft picks; free agency; coaching staff & front office personal are the blocks to build a team. The better those team building blocks perform the more sucessfull the team. I too wish Ballard used free agents & trades a bit more, but if I remember correctly there's a rule that kicks i
  4. I wonder if they'll try & move T.J. Green to corner? He has 4.35 speed. Can he learn to cover? Corner is a more generally thought to be a more important position than safety. So I was thinking go CB in round 1. But I guess the thinking is Hooker is the more higher rated player. Ok, but in the middle of round two the top at least 8 CB's will be off the board. So whoever you get is going to be far from the best CB's from this draft. Hope this all works. Peace
  5. Dang, I thought CB was a bigger need. We got nothing beyond V. Davis at corner. The 2nd starting corner could have been addressed. D. Butler or T.J. Green could have competed for that FS type position. I know they'll draft a corner or two in later rounds but the really good guys will be gone. Hope this works out. Peace
  6. The Colts should now let some other guys play to see what they can do. Cut a few of these guys & IR (if slightly hurt) the rest - Lance Lewis; Joe Reitz; D. Allen or Fleener; Frank Gore; A. Johnson or Griff Whalen; M.Hasselbeck; G. Toler; Colt Anderson; D. Jackson; J. Freeman; K. Langford. Sign Earl Okine; Amarlo Herrera; Duron Carter; Erik Swoope; Ben Heenan; Alex Tanney; P. LaDarius to the 53 from the P.S. & resign Dan Adongo. Then let the kids play the final 2 games, along with a lot of the back ups on the 53 that haven't played much,
  7. Just read Jonathan Martin was released today by the 49ers. Wondering if he'll end up with Standford central = the Indy Colts. Frank Gore should be able give the staff up close info on him from this past season as they were team mates. I think the 9ers were running the same power run game stuff the Colts want to run, so we may see Martin in camp unless another team offers a lot more money. Peace
  8. I remember specificly watching Lenz & Lankford in a few preseason games. Lenz caught at least 1 td pass (decent length, think like a 20-35 yarder) & maybe a 2nd one. Lankford i remember didn't look to good. I saw abt 3 targets to him & he didn't look ready. Routes were messy & didn't make good attempt at receptions. Lets see how they've improved after a season on the practice squad. I think we should get a proven vet FA wr in here & maybe draft one as well. Same with RB's. Vet FA & maybe draft one as well.
  9. I agree with your assment of the roster. I think step 1 is fixing the OL (which I outlined on pg 2 of the OL topic). Basicly I think you bring in 2 good vet FA guards. Move Mewhort to tackle & let he & John battle it out for the RT spot & cut Cherilus. Let Holmes & Harrison battle it out for center. The other guards on the current roster can battle it out for backup spots. A better OL is a better offense even with the same other position personnel. On defense start with the front 7. The DL & Inside linebackers need the most upgrade. Then the safety's.
  10. For next season I vote for bringing in 2 good proven vet guard FA's. I think u have to stop looking at potential & look for proven performance, before we get Luck get killed. You can let the other guards we have battle it out for backups. At center u can keep Holmes & Harrison. At tackle I think you move Mewhort here & let him battle it out for RT with Ulrick John & cut Cherilus. That should result in a good OL next season if the O line coaches are any good. As long as we're talking offense, you also need to bring in another vet FA wr with speed & seperation. Wayne &am
  11. Thou Holmes has a small sample size, his grades are consistantly good. I think you have to continue to let the man play to see what you have. Shipley is a better pass blocker than Harrison & the Colts are 60-65% passing team. Play Shipley. It looks like Mewhort may be a good player. I think next year he goes back to tackle where he made his name in college. His skills seem better suited to tackle from what i've read from scouts. Mewhort may be able to move Cherilus to a backup roll next season. For me the Colts have to get a good vet FA guard/center to add into the mix for next sea
  12. The Colts currently have ten OL on the 53. I think last yr they usually carried 8. They can activate Xavier Nixon within the next 2 weeks. I think they'll trade/cut two OL in the next few weeks, which leads into their bye. I expect them to activate Nixon, as he's experienced at both G & T. Which leaves Jamon Meredith out. They then must decide between Holmes, Shipley & Lewis. I think Holmes & Shipley both have a leg up on Lewis, so he may be the one traded/cut as well. Also, cudos to rookie Zach Kerr who seems to now be getting the majority of the snaps at NT & is now listed
  13. Well, just heard the Packers signed him. I guess per some of you they've decided to risk their organization on this. Let's see if he makes the team. Lets see if he has a career.
  14. The Colts have him listed at 310, which is light for a nose tackle. I hope his real weight is more like that 326 that was originally listed.
  15. I'm with the original poster. Thou not the biggest team need, 3rd TE has been a weakness offensively. Both Allen & Fleener have had injuries & missed alot of time in the past. Currrent 3rd TE guys fighting for the spot Doyle & Sanders didn't have many receptions. I meant to see if Lyerla was drafted or not. He has alot of physical ability & his 1st name is Colt. I've heard based on his play the previous season he would have been a 2nd or 3rd round pick. If he's available, I say pick him up. Won't cost anything has a UDFA. If he mess'es up, cut him. I think he deserves
  16. Last season the Colts kept 5 on the 53 most of the time. And kept at least one on the PS. I think Reggie, TY & Nicks are 53 locks. Moncrief as a 3rd round pick, would have to play really bad, to get cut. If they put him on the PS he'd mosl likely be picked up. So that leaves Brazil, Whalen & Rogers fight it out for the 5th spot. Brazil easily had the best season in receptions. Followed by Whalen (who also returned punts) then Rogers. Preseason games, injuries, special teams & practice will determine who gets that last spot. They could keep 6 but that of course takes away from o
  17. I agree with the original post. Last year's starter's at NT; FS & C are all gone. At NT it doesn't seem the team will resign Aubrayo Franklin who had a less than average year. There only seems to be one NT of note left in FA, Pat Sims from Oakland. If he signs elsewhere, that leaves the draft & Montori Hughes or Jeris Pendelton. Both Montori & Jeris played DT last year at a slightly below average level. Arthur Jones plays mostly DE & some DT. NT is one of those positions you'd rather have a vet playing than a rookie. I think the best position in the draft for 2nd rou
  18. Bethea is a good character guy, he went to college in the town I currently live in. So I root for him. But his best attribute may be he's rarely injured. He hasn't missed many games in his career. He's seems to be just a pretty good safety. The most important aspects of the FS position may be pass defense & creating turnovers. Those may be his two worst aspects. Most of the great FS's, ie Palamalu & Ed Jones created turnovers. His tackling seems to be up & down also. Over all for his career I'd give him a C+ position grade. Not bad but hopefully we can find better next season.
  19. Great to see the GM finally signing available vets! I think & hope that last open spot left on the roster will go to a veteran WR. Up to this point he's been trying to replace injured guys with rookies & undrafted rookie free agents or one year guys. Maybe because they're cheaper. But the success rate is much lower there. The best hope for success usually is replacing injured guys with out of work veteran free agents as they have game experience under their belts & a better chance of getting the job done. Here's to hoping Grigson continue's with the vet free agent signing'
  20. Never been a big Gordy fan. Haven't seen him do much. I think Pagano likes him though, as I've heard him mention him in a positive way. I'd go for Brown over Gordy but maybe Brown ends up on the practice squad.
  21. I don't get it! I have't understood why they haven't signed the best available veteran free agent C; G, rush end & or WR. The GM & coach's see how bad the run game as been for most games & see how many hits & sacks Luck takes, & see how many balls the wide outs drop & or how much they can't get open, yet they do nothing or sign inexperienced rookie type's off the practice squad. Yet they say they're interested in a super bowl this season?! I can't believe that. I read where they have about 3 million left to spend this season. There's only half the season left.
  22. I don't think you need to make a trade. Sign 2 WR free agents. ie Brandon Llyod; Laurent Robinson or Mohamed Massaquoi. Also, sign a veteran free agent TE & OG. This way you don't have to give up any draft picks. Vet FA's have had some success in the league in the past. You may get lucky & get the right vet in the right place to succeed again.
  23. Agreed, can't just promote the practice squad guys. With Reggie out, you need a guy with some proven experience. None of our current receivers have much experience. T.Y. with a year & a 1/2; DHB with a few years of so so success. The rest are guys who have barely played & had little to no success thus far. If you want to win playoff games this season you've got to find at least one experienced guy at WR. Plus you need an experienced guy at TE as we're not getting much production there as well. While we're at it, get a OG as well! That's a lot of shopping I know, but needed. And hey,
  24. It's time for Grigson to earn his paycheck! Not only should he bring in at least one new receiver but...............also another OG and a TE. Doing this early in the bye week will give the new guys more time to learn the playbook. They're getting minimal production reception wise from the TE position & they need a veteran presence at that position to help out the young guys there.
  25. I think there only a few backs worth a #1 pick. Thus far TRich for me hasn't shown he's one of those. But as has been pointed out, there are a lot of factors. So, lets see if the O-line improves, TRich's vision improves, Pep's play calling improves & receivers stop dropping the football. All these are factors in run game success. I think he's more of a power guy than a break long runs guy. As the season progress'es TRich's playbook familiarity will also increase. I think by mid next season, we'll have a good idea of the true ability of TRich as a runner. As usual time will tell.
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