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  1. I agree with the opinions the front office must not think this team has much chance to win the super bowl. Hence the other teams were asking for too much in trade compensation. I also agree the playoffs would be a confidence buider for this team, for next season. Draft picks; free agency; coaching staff & front office personal are the blocks to build a team. The better those team building blocks perform the more sucessfull the team. I too wish Ballard used free agents & trades a bit more, but if I remember correctly there's a rule that kicks in next off season for the Colts, that they have to spend something like 89% of their cap space. Because they've only used a very low % of it the last 2-3 seasons (you'll let me know if I'm wrong). If so, we should see Ballard have to spend most of his cap space this next off season. Lets see how well he spends da cash. With a good draft, identifing good free agents & improved coaching, the Colts should at least be a top 4 AFC team next season. Peace
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