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  1. Caldwell has been very fortunate to have the record he has. Gift baskets in 3 games vs Saints, Falcons, and Dolphins.
  2. Damn...Colts trying to protect Luck and it gets flamed lol y'all are ridiculous.
  3. Who knew a depth signing would leave a forum divided lol
  4. I forgot all about Louis lol Didn't Mcglynn make about $2 a year too?
  5. If Donald Thomas is healthy then Costa should be serviceable.
  6. Be happy that if he is a depth signing, he has starting experience.
  7. Realizing that Mack will cost $9-$10 a year...this is a decent move to let our draft pick of Holmes not go to waste.
  8. Via Rotoworld Costa, 27 in July, appeared to be an ascending player in Dallas before falling out of the coaching staff's favor in 2013 as the Cowboys used a first-round pick on Travis Frederick. We wouldn't rule out Costa starting at center for the Colts, or at least giving Khaled Holmes a serious run for his money.
  9. Realistically thinking netting David Baas, Goodwin, or Costa wouldn't be a bad thing either. I have a feeling the Browns would match just about any offer.
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