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  1. Kap wasn't traded to Denver.
  2. Elway came out and said trade talks with the niners are off for good immediately after drafting Lynch
  3. Good post. TD had "it." I really do wish his career wasn't cut so short. Also, I apologize for he small thread hijack!!!!!!.
  4. That's how it was back then though. Teams didn't use the running back by committee like they do now. It was just a bad freak injury.
  5. I don't think the Broncos have done anything to anybody!!! Except for make Tom Tom and Cam look like infants
  6. Terrell Davis....... oh darn, I, drunk and wondered into another teams forum again
  7. The Broncos? Damn, that hurts me.
  8. I think I read a few years back that he grew up a Broncos fan. Anyways, there is no chance the Broncos sign him. Im fairly confident we will stick with Brock
  9. We will have to agree to disagree with that one. Brock will be just fine and I believe he can lead us to a SB. Anyways, thanks for the congrats!
  10. Anyone see that parade? I heard 1.2-1.5 million people. Im somewhere in that crowd
  11. Yeah earlier today I read that he said he wasnt a good head coach (Id say he's had some success as HC though) and Im glad that at this point he just wants to coach some defense. I really hope the Broncos lock him up for a long time.
  12. I hope that Denver keeps him. Hes been an anchor and his leadership is key. I DO hope that he takes a bit of a pay cut though.
  13. Who is hair? Kubiak? Never heard him called that. Wade was also the Broncos D coordinator in the 80s
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