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  1. I'm starting to drift towards wondering if he'll be ready for week 2...
  2. I thought this was going to be a post about Edgerrin James.
  3. Great! I would think he could have demanded a bit of money on the open market.
  4. Running low on things to complain about around here, eh?
  5. My Favorite Moment The Colts blocking the Chiefs punt and scoring. In a frenzy of excitement, I swooped up my three-year-old daughter and spun her around the room dancing. She completely lit up. From that moment on, she was just as into the game as I was. The moment is a memory I'll cherish forever. She is now a Colts fan for life.
  6. Fun season to watch. Hard not to be disappointed going out like that when we all know they can play better. Incredibly optimistic about the future. Go Colts!
  7. "Comprehensive Quick thoughts on Chiefs-Colts" - Seems fitting?
  8. Colts O was hot garbage. D played well enough. Refs had minimal impact.
  9. I was following along until you said this: "He shrinks (literally) at times when he is throwing it and the ball motion is that of a girl." Don't use lame comparisons like that. I know plenty of women who throw a better ball than a lot of men.
  10. Moore has been so much fun to watch this year. One hell of a football player.
  11. C'mon Odum. We all believe in you...
  12. I'd think some player's pregame routines start before too long. Need to get things setup before that.
  13. That's true. I feel like that's different though. Maybe it's not.
  14. I'm not saying he isn't correct. I'm just not sure why he needed to tweet it.
  15. I get the feeling that he's trying on T.Y.'s clown mask.
  16. I'm not sure how I feel about this tweet, Jim. I'm confident too but...
  17. Open in "Incognito Window" in Chrome.
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