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  1. deadman

    We'll be back

    Fun season to watch. Hard not to be disappointed going out like that when we all know they can play better. Incredibly optimistic about the future. Go Colts!
  2. "Comprehensive Quick thoughts on Chiefs-Colts" - Seems fitting?
  3. deadman

    Explain this.

    Colts O was hot garbage. D played well enough. Refs had minimal impact.
  4. Lol Ebron. You love him but he breaks your heart.
  5. I was following along until you said this: "He shrinks (literally) at times when he is throwing it and the ball motion is that of a girl." Don't use lame comparisons like that. I know plenty of women who throw a better ball than a lot of men.
  6. deadman

    Hats off to Kenny Moore!

    Moore has been so much fun to watch this year. One hell of a football player.
  7. deadman

    Hooker OUT

    C'mon Odum. We all believe in you...
  8. I'd think some player's pregame routines start before too long. Need to get things setup before that.
  9. Tarps are coming off.