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  1. Baseball Season is here!!!!

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    2. MAC


      MI - thanks, ironically similar to the Colts year - and I'm similarly enthusiastic about them being able to draft someone who may actually be able to score! That would be a nice change.

    3. BrentMc11


      MAC: Nothing like the jets flying over....(Not Tebow)

    4. MAC


      LOL (FYI, My next scheduled Tebow explosion will probably be in August when the local media starts ramping up again.)

      J-E-T-S 7-4-7. Never been to Citifield, but went to Shea many times. Trying to follow the PA system over the roar of a plane taking off isn't as relaxing as the rest of the picture I portrayed. Of course neither is the lengthy and miserable subway or car ride. A radio in the background while doing something ELSE with your life is really what I had in mind.

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