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  1. Wow. This really shows how really good athletes/football players should prepare for the possibiliy of a life after college that may not include the NFL. So many players play but so few are chosen. Your breakdown by position really highlights that. I know the new spring league will help many find spots in football but players better get their education.
  2. In Ballard's defense, he vdid seem to hire teaching coaches who might be able to get the best out of a talent like Turay.
  3. I hope its not the same roomful of coaches and scouts that came up with last years draft gems. I just have my doubts about this group. Not because they shy away from more familiar names but from just the production on the field. Maybe this class will be different.
  4. ColtsAC

    Colts select Braden Smith OG at 37

    Totally agree.
  5. Ballard loves to show he is smarter than everyone else...ala Grigson.
  6. Thanks for this list. The Colts should get 4 of these guyswith the 3 second rounders and their 3rd round pick. Tonight will be the make or break of the Colts draft.
  7. ColtsAC

    We got Nelson at 6

    Totally blah pick. All of the anticipation and a guard is the result.
  8. ColtsAC

    Projected Colts Starters

    I think this is pretty close to the way it will all end up. I think there will end up being 2 rookie WRs... One drafted, one undrafted rookie who makes the team.
  9. Now that was funny.
  10. ColtsAC

    ESPN ranking for Colts

    Looking at the intent of the espn article again, I think you're right, Deadpool.
  11. ColtsAC

    ESPN ranking for Colts

    31st???? Did Florio do the rankings??? Even behind the Browns. Gotta feel Reich and staff will have the Colts playing better than that.
  12. ColtsAC

    Favorite Colt of All Time

    Johnny U...high tops and all as 1a. Bert Jones as 1b. We sure have been blessed with qbs
  13. ColtsAC

    Colts sign Matt Slauson

    Totally agree. I think it is a good signing for stop gap, depth, and locker room reasons. I'm glad the Colts signed him. He just has to be an improvement over last year's Vuckovich(sp).
  14. ColtsAC

    Report: Colts signing WR Ryan Grant

    You can move the decimal point to the left and I would take it.