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  1. Hankins and Simon....youth, production, and toughness. Glad to see Butler back as a full time safety as well.
  2. I bet anything Ballard finds a way to get Harris out of Missouri. I think it will involve a trade down as well. I agree that Ballard will steer clear of character issue guys.
  3. This Toledo born guy votes for Hunt too! He did very well at the Senior Bowl.
  4. Sub Hunt for Galman and I like it. I'm thinking your list of free agents (good players with upside but not household names) is the approach GM Ballard is likely to take. For some reason, I can see the Colts adding a free agent TE on the cheap though - somebody with a Chud history.
  5. Jared...I've been a Braves fan since the 50s. I think the Colts and the Braves are on similar paths...real contention in 2 years.
  6. I would be pretty happy with this draft. I didn't know though about Cook's shoulder issues.
  7. I'd be pretty happy if this transpired.
  8. This draft would have Colts fans mass burning their season tickets.
  9. Being from Toledo, I always watch the Rockets. Hunt always plays well in big games and can catch too. One thing about Toledo though...they have a good OL. But Hunts showing in the Senior Bowl should allay the fear he's a product of the OL.
  10. What Mixon did was heinous. I agree with those statements. But somehow we as a society have to give people a second chance under pretty demanding conditions. I'm not for 3rd and 4th chances in these cases but I'm also not for telling a 19 or 20 year old kid to go live under a bridge somewhere till you die. I think some sort of half your 1st year salary going to some combination of the victim and/or shelter groups and speaking to kids about how you were horribly wrong would be a fair step for all concerned. A second incident would mean immediate permanent dismissal.
  11. Lot of thought went into your post. Thanks. I like Cyprian and Paul as additions. I think we draft one rb tops and bring in a lot of udfa's. In fact, I bet the Colts and the Browns will be the udfa destination of choice for players and their agents.
  12. I'd sure be OK if all this developed. Just have a feeling we won't get Poe though. The future contract punter that's already signed by the Colts seems more likely than spending a draft choice though.
  13. My son reminded me of the beat down the Chiefs gave the Colts this year with Folestaking over for Smith. That outta spur Ballard to draft all defense!
  14. If someone has already posted this thought, please forgive me. Too busy looking for work to read much. But I was checking into times Ballard might have seen his Chiefs play the Colts. In 2013, there was the 23-7 Colts win, followed by the 45-44 miracle win during that year's playoffs. That might do two things...give Ballard a positive view of Pagano (and certainly Luck). But it also might, lol, give him the thought for the 500th time that "I better fix that defense"!
  15. Kareem Hunt rb out of Toledo. Been watching him for years.

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