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  1. The NFL is going to far with some of these calls. We will be watching flag football in 5 years with the way the NFL is heading. Defensive can't even play defense hardly anymore. The NFL is going down the hole fast with some of the calls IMHO
  2. We all wanted a defense and he's on of the best as far as Defense goes. I think he would be great here since we have the offense in place already. Let him build the monster chuck was supposed to build.
  3. To bad madden is not real trade McNary and a 4th for Alex oglitree.
  4. Is it just me or does green get injured every time he's in on a tackle?
  5. All pro. I hate spell check
  6. Hate to see him injury. But it should mean we can cover them. I would have really like to beat them at full strength but it's the NFL injuries r part of it. Keep in mind we made a 4th string wr look like an all products last week. Got high hopes for the defense in this game goes Colts
  7. I would give up a 5th for Deion Jordan and hope it just a bad scheme fit in Miami. Look at it on the bright side he can't do any worse than what we have now.
  8. R there any pass rushers we can trade for? We all know we have no pass rush and we won't go far with out one so my question is. Is there not someone we can trade for. Cleveland is cleaning house anything there to trade for. Miami sucks so far would they give up anyone. I am not sure if we can do anything but we need to try something to get a rush. Going to be a long season.

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