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  1. It’s still a fixable issue. I’m not worried. We have one of the best running back coaches in the league and he’ll get coached on that from him and Mack.
  2. Let’s put this in perspective when you call it a fumbling problem. He had over 900 touches, fumbled 18 times.
  3. Good draft of it happens but, I don’t expect Hernandez to be there. I’ve seeb him go in the first. If he’s there in the second it would be a huge get. I don’t know much about the OLB you have us chosing. Is he a 3-4 or 4-3 guy? I’m pretty sure we will be a 4-3 team going forward.
  4. Please God no... Lovie has never been anything more than average at best.. he’s just Jeff Fisher...
  5. Since this is all discussion about the Colts coaching situation I hope the Colts hits an offensive guy. I want one of Josh McDaniels, Frank Reich or Matt Nagy. Im hesitant on Nagy because he’s only called plays for two weeks but the chiefs offense has been much better.
  6. If I’m not mistaken we also interviewed Mike Zimmer and maybe Jay Gruden. I REALLY wanted Zimmer.
  7. No I’m not sure if he wasn’t their second choice but Manusky was their second choice. They wanted Keith Butler for their DC but, the Steelers let Leboe go and promoted Butler so they wouldn’t lose him.
  8. Explain to me how we would finish last in the division?? Watson is ok but just chucks the ball up and prays it gets caught and teams will have film on him to prepare. Mariota is one of the most overrated quarterbacks I've ever seen... The dude has the second best Oline in football, good WR, good TE, and an Amazing running game and still has more INTs than TDs. Jacksonville, may have a shot to win the division but, they also can't keep everyone currently or afford to pay Eli if they want to go after him. They currently have negative cap space to start the offseason.
  9. While I agree he's going to have some pressure on him this offseason to perform its going to take more than 2 off seasons to repair the damage that Grigson and Chuckles have done to this team. This team is soft and that's largely because Chuck wants to be like and won't put his foot up someones butt for making a bad play or showing off on the field everytime you catch a first down. Our Oline needs to be overhauled, our WRs need to be overhauled (yes I include Hilton in this), and our ILB need to be overhauled. Before someone blasts me on Hilton and how he led the league in receiving last ye
  10. PFF is a load of crap. Their ratings mean nothing. Castanzo consistently gives up pressure.
  11. I was specifically watching him on those plays and he was blown up both times. Still he’s never been very good. An occasional back up in an emergency but not a starter and not someone I want on the team. I agree I don’t like Vujo but, until Mewhort comes back I think it’s the best we’ve got.
  12. After seeing Goode yesterday I want him nowhere on the line. He came in for two drives at RG and gave I’m 2 sacks and 2 runs for loss. He’s a seventh round pick that we need to give up on.
  13. It’s actually easier to play the right side of the line and I’ve heard multiple experts say he’d be better at RT. Would he take a pay cut, probably not but he’s been pretty awful until the last two games. He’s to inconsistent to play LT.
  14. Ideally we’d resign Mewhort and make Castanzo take a pay cut and play RT. Draft another guard and a stud LT.
  15. I’m not sure our record isn’t better with Luck. The games we’ve been blown out in with the exception of the Jags game was due to turnovers and pick sixes. I’ve said this before but not on this forum, Luck being out this year could be up being a blessing.
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