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  1. It’s what the market on a one year receiver is. Look at Moncrief last year and Jeffries the year before. He had a lot of drops last year but look who he had throwing to him. Cam has never been known for his accuracy. He’s also never played across from a guy the caliber of TY. We dk this every year and I don’t get it. We think we’re going to be big players and then get upset when we don’t sign big names. I wanted Collins but not at 14 mil a year. I wanted Mosley but not at 17 mil a year. Ballard has a price on guys and won’t go over it. The man has earned a little trust from us and for us to not get on the forums and b***h and complain about his FA signings.
  2. In all honesty as much as I’d like this to happen it’s a pipe dream. Burns is going to be a first round pick and I expect butler to be a late second rounder. I also think from what I’ve heard Abram will be a third.
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