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  1. Dumb.... if you love a player you never move back and hope he’s going to be there... you take him... there are 31 other teams that could jump you if you trade back...
  2. Never fall into the trap of the breakout year, right before it’s time for a contract... it NEVER works out...
  3. I don’t get why people on this board seem to be enamored with Armstead... He has 19.5 sacks in his career and 10.5 of them were this year and with studs around him. Hard pass...
  4. I’ve seen enough of Jacoby. He has no touch, misses wide open receivers, when they are wide open he over throws them and he hesitates and doesnt trust his gut and throw when he should.
  5. I don’t believe in Brissett and I’m not in the Love train yet. Watching some tape he looks similar to Mahomes in college but, I think you can get him in the second after picking up some talent. I am on the we need a QB train though.... badly because Jacoby is turrible
  6. I take back what I said... I just watched about 10 minutes of highlights of both him and Mahomes and they look very similar. I hope Reich can do with him like Andy Reid did with Mahomes if we draft him.
  7. I’d stay far away from Armstead... he hasn’t done anything until this year. He has 19 total sacks and 10 of them are this year. That Dline is filled with talent to draw away from him.
  8. Was Mahomes considered a project? I know he sat for a year but I don’t remember people considering him a project.
  9. I stopped reading when you had us take a project QB in the first round...
  10. Why is this even a topic!!! He’s worse than Jacoby!!!
  11. I respectfully disagree that better lass catchers will significantly help Jacoby. I haven’t been on the board this year and I’ll quickly become known as a “Jacoby Hater” but he’s not good. He’s scared to throw the ball and hesitates, he holds it to long, he misses wide open receivers all the time and when they are open he overthrows them...
  12. I’m all for Ruggs but, only if we draft a guy like Easen in the second. Jacoby can’t throw the ball. If we aren’t drafting a QB That can start day 1 a WR means nothing because Jacoby will miss him when he’s open or overthrow him when he’s open. Take a stud DT or something because playing solid defense is how we’re gonna win games if Jacoby moves forward as our quarterback.
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