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  1. Coltsfanforlife12

    Give it up for Tyquan Lewis

    Pretty sure they are on their third string LT. I’m glad he got to play and he affected the game but I need to see him against top tier talent and not a third stringer before I make a judgement
  2. Coltsfanforlife12

    A question about new coaches.

    It happens quite often actually. There’s always 4-6 team turnover in the playoff teams. Sometimes a worst tk first situation. There’s a good chance we win somewhere between 4-8 games. I like where the team is headed. Another top pick could be majoring helpful. Plus we have a massive amount of cap space.
  3. Coltsfanforlife12

    What we know now after eagles game

    I’ll also say this, I’ve kept the faith from the beginning that Luck was going to be ok. Today is the first time I’m seriously questioning that belief. He looked terrible today. Didn’t want to push the ball down field. I’m worried.
  4. Coltsfanforlife12

    What we know now after eagles game

    Fountain is raw but I think he’s got the stuff we’re looking for. It’s terrible because Cain would be getting a lot of run right now if he hadn’t torn his ACL.
  5. Coltsfanforlife12

    Any news on Ridgeway-Injury Update?

    Likely won’t hear anything untilReich talks to the media tomorrow.
  6. Coltsfanforlife12

    I know we are only 2 games into Frank Reich but...

    This is what gives me hope. We have never been able to survive a bad game from Luck. Today we did because the defense was good and running game was efficient. I also want to draw attention to the growth of the defense. Last week Mixon gashed us and today Peterson and Thompson couldn’t do anything.
  7. Coltsfanforlife12

    Deon Cain

    I’ve said from pretty much the first season that this team misuses Hilton on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong he’s a very good WR but we rarely line him up in the slot or in bunches to get him open. If we did that he’s AB.
  8. Coltsfanforlife12

    Scouting Department

    I would diasagree wish they statement he found what Pagano needed. Maybe one or two players for the defense but, you look at his draft and he had this defensive switch in mind. Cover 2 defense needs a rangey safety (hooker), pass rusher (Basham), bugger zone corners (Wilson). Two of those guys didn’t play much because they didn’t fit the system. And the one or two guys he found for paganos system were 1-2 year contracts that he could cut with minimal relief. Both of his drafts on defense have been about this switch.
  9. Coltsfanforlife12

    Scouting Department

    Outside of a few guys they were pretty much wimps... or they took on the persona of a coach, who on the football field as a coach was a wimp.
  10. Coltsfanforlife12

    Deon Cain

    I think there’s a good chance of him becoming the number 1 in this offense. I’ve always said that TY is to small and to inconsistent to be your number 1 option. However, we’ve seen this before, the WR training camp darling everyone talked about. Several years ago it was Duron Carter, no longer in the league. Before that Hakeem Nicks had a good training camp and nothing. Chester Rogers had an amazing training camp going until he got hurt and then rarely saw the field even when healthy. I just think it’s to early.
  11. Coltsfanforlife12

    Great target for 2019

    I think there is a chance that Smith ends up playing tackle for us. I could be wrong but I would not be opposed to a Mewhort/Smith right side of the line. If Mewhort can stay healthy he’s going to start. And I believe it’s only a matter of time before smith works his way into the line up.
  12. Coltsfanforlife12

    Clayton Geathers & Malik Hooker Update

    As much potential as Geathers has I can’t see him living up to it. I see him as another Bob Sanders but without the production. This is his fourth year and he’s ended in IR all three seasons.
  13. Coltsfanforlife12

    right tackle

    I want Clark to make the jump so bad because I think he’s got all the tools and has shown flashes. When he started at RT the final four games of his rookie season I don’t think he gave up a sack.
  14. Coltsfanforlife12

    The big Nelson gamble

    That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard... you don’t take a QB in round one when you already have one that’s good... it’s not a gamble. Mods please close this asinine thread...
  15. Coltsfanforlife12

    PFF Colts Draft Grades

    For the record the guys are CBS are pretty bad at their jobs. They had some of the worst mocks ever and it’s a popular thing in th media to hate on the colts.