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  1. 15 hours ago, John Hammonds said:

    If Luck had hurt his toe, he'd be out the next season and a half...


    Oh, did I say that out loud?  Sorry.

    I remember in 2015 Andrew luck suffered a sprained shoulder a torn cartilage in his ribs in the week 3 game against the Titans. He ended up leading the Colts to a wild 35-33 win. He ended up coming back three weeks later and playing the next month and then ended up lacerating a kidney and tearing one of his ab muscles. He somehow managed to finish that game in which they won. Then the guy played the entire 2016 season with a busted shoulder.


    Yeah, Andrew Luck is one of the toughest players to have ever played the game. It's just a shame he was playing under * poor management that decided that throwing him on the field with a busted shoulder was a lot better than sitting him for the year which would have ended similar to the way the 2011 season had. Come on man.


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  2. 6 hours ago, Arodgers12 said:

    Congratulations and hats off to you guys on your win. This loss stings I have to admit. I admit those holding calls were pretty Bad that pushed you out of FG range. We were up 14 and blew it. We really didn’t deserve to win this game. You guys won the turnover battle including the most crucial one that MVS fumbled away. I think we will lose in the 1st round of the playoffs again if we get there. This game is totally reminiscent to the 2012 game in Indy against you guys. Anyway there was some bad holding calls on you guys but you deserved the win anyway. You never gave up down 14 and I could feel the momentum shift in the 2nd half. Best wishes to you guys on the rest of your season. You Colt fans from this interaction and the one 4 years ago are good people.

    You should have a bit more faith in your team when it comes to the playoffs. Having Aaron Rodgers alone makes you a Super Bowl contender. The Packers defense played lights out in the first half and despite the Colts coming back and winning, you should be proud of all the pieces you guys seem to have in place. Your coaching staff called one hell of a game. Your offensive line and running backs played one heck of a game. I understand Rodgers frustration with picking a QB in the first round and not giving him another weapon or two in the draft because if they had, he would've gotten the best out of those guys, and Rodgers can make anyone look like a million bucks, he's that special. This was one of the best Colts games win or lose, I have ever watched since becoming a fan in 94. I would LOVE it if the Colts were able to get Aaron Rodgers for a year or two, but that's just wishful thinking. Philip Rivers decided to show up to day and look like a Pro Bowler. Hell of a game, dude.

  3. Taylor looked like a man among boys on some of those runs. It's a shame a handful of his runs got called back due penalties, especially that long TD run that should've ended the game.

  4. I wish Marvell Tell was playing this year because I was really looking forward to seeing his growth at CB from year one to year two. Not knowing what we will have in Marvell until the 2021 season makes it harder to predict how badly the Colts should retain guys like Rhodes and Carrie, or move on from one or both guys, and looking elsewhere to add talent to the CB position.

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  5. Ballard basically rebuilt the entire roster within 3-4 years and didn't even have the opportunity to pick his own coaching staff until his second year as GM. That's ridiculous. And to have your franchise QB retire two years into your rebuild and still manage to build the roster the way he has, is like a miracle.

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  6. On 11/17/2020 at 7:31 PM, Archer said:



    After a short playoff run, losing in the divisional round, there’s a Trademark Ballard trade-down to very end of 1st (or beginning of 2nd) picking up a late 2nd (or early 3rd).


    1) Big Kat Bryant, DE, Auburn, 6’5, 250.

    2) Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington St., 6’7, 320

    2) Israel Mukuamu, CB, So. Carolina, 6’4, 205

    3) Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa St., 6’6, 257

    4) Patrick Jones, DL, Pitt, 6’5, 265

    5) Richie Grant, S, UCF, 6’, 194

    6) Zac Thomas, QB, Appalachian St., 6’1, 210

    7) Conner Olson, IOL, Minnesota, 6’5, 305


    Rivers and Eason are the top 2 QBs, pushing QB down the need chart.  WR - Harris’ emergence, a possible FA addition, Pittman and Campbell available, possibility of Pascal returning - this is an over-rated need IMO...

    I'm all for this mock.

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  7. 14 hours ago, Arodgers12 said:

    It’s always a great game when we play you guys. We usually come out on the losing end though. I hope it’s a great game with no injuries. I believe you guys beat us the last 2 times and the last one I think you beat us in our house. The Colts are a classy team. I hope you guys stay safe and healthy too from Covid.

    You too, man! Should be a fun one to watch!

  8. On 10/12/2020 at 6:07 PM, DownHillRunner said:

    Pat Freiermuth in round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Watching tape on this guy, he reminds me of Kelce, and his route running is better than people think. Ballard has to consider drafting him if he's there in the 20-30 range. Whoever our next Quarterback is he needs a reliable Tight End. 

    Pat would fit in perfectly in Reich's offense. I'm from PA and watch a lot of Penn State games because my dad loves them. Pat could do it all and reminds me of a mix between Gronk and Kelce. I think Pitts might be the first TE to get drafted, but Pat should be not too far behind him. Would love this pick.

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