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  1. @Colt92 I was in the Elite league last year. Do you have any spots open in your league? Unfortunately I was second to last in the Elite.☹️
  2. I will be drafting in two leagues on the same day , and same time now! Not a fan of the draft time movement.
  3. Hello, What happened to the league? I went in to check on the league in NFL.com and it isn't showing for me. Did I get kicked ? Could someone look into this please? I would like to play in this league. Jeff
  4. Malik "Smelly Pirate" Hooker. Please, heal soon! We really, really need you on the field. Get well soon.
  5. Well....looks like we are doing nothing to fix the OL...........again. Sad, Sad, Sad Poor Andrew.
  6. I know... the Patriots won the S.B.. Super Sad Day.
  7. Seriously.......If I had access to these two items, they would end up in my burn pile out back! Blazing! Patriots hater for life. Go Colts!
  8. Denied, Denied, System QB, HATE, HATE, Denied, Denied, Crybaby, System QB, HATE !!! LOL.
  9. I disliked them before Cheating Bill, Brady arrived. Back when we were in the same division. But,the hatred grew immensely after those two........guys showed up. I'M A HATER FOR LIFE!
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