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  1. It's funny how you're the only one who doesn't get it. Let me explain in plain English. If we keep Cody, he will wind up being cut. You even said it, he won't have a chance of making the roster. So, letting him stick around a bit longer, then cutting him and getting nothing, is better? Hmmmm, seems to me at least we got a warm body that has a small chance to make the team. If you can't see the logic (like everyone else does) then I think you're drunk on fruit juice.
  2. I have high expectations for Werner and the team in general, but I'm taking a wait and see attitude.
  3. The second half of preseason games is for the players, not the fans. The day we see a team fielded by all 3rd/4th stringers, then I'll take more interest in preseason. These games are for the coaches to evaluate people. Our guns will be fully loaded by the first game.
  4. Then again, it IS preseason. No coaches are going to show everything. Come Sept. 7, that's when the curve balls start being thrown.
  5. I'm basically pleased with what I saw tonight. Next week will reveal more.
  6. Nothing like patting yourself on the back, eh? Now that we've established that you're all that and a bag of chips..........
  7. Yeah, because we all know real families don't think about sex. You have to be depraved/perverted to think about such things.
  8. I use NFL Game Rewind to re-watch games. All games become available at 12 midnight sunday. And, you can watch every play of the game in 30 min.
  9. I just take BR with a ton of salt. Even if it was espn, it's just someone's opinion. I could never figure out why people get so upset over someone's opinion. If you were to write an article, I can guarantee a lot of people would think you're full of crap. That goes with the territory.
  10. I agree. Herb is now 100% legal in 2 states with more to follow. And, it's just a slap on the wrist in many states.
  11. The thread was closed before I could respond. It was just meant as sarcasm, going along with the whole, didn't feed him, he's cranky.

    And to answer your question on that thread.. yes played HS and College(Div III) and Coached for about 15 years. I can be accused of no sense of humor but not lack of football knowledge.

  12. You were actually one of the few people on here I respected a lot. After your comment to me about me not knowing football, I see your true colors. Goodbye.

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