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  1. Can someone point me to the Mike Vanderjat coming out of retirement perma merge thread?
  2. Is there a reason, why everytime Richardson hits the hole there is a defender waiting to meet him, when Brown seems to have larger running lanes. Is this a product of speed, play calling, or knowing which hole to go through?
  3. Doesn't change the fact that I get to be publicly humiliated next summer by a Bengals fan due to betting on this game.
  4. Yeh, Lets just say when Reggie went down, I started working out
  5. I really hope we in.. I made a bet with a friend down in Cincy involving the loser wearing a team colored speedo to a public water park
  6. This game you turned off, but you sat through all 16 games last year? hmm..
  7. Who knows, he could be the next Tim Jennings
  8. Good, now the way is paved for the return of Roy Hall!
  9. I first agreed with you on not receiving any compensation for these players, but I am sure if they had any trade value, Grigson would have received interest from other teams.
  10. I think you should be more mad at the fact that the Bengals got a 1st and 2nd round pick for a retired Carson Palmer and the Colts get a nice emotional press conference for a healthy Peyton
  11. Problem is its a lose-lose for the NFL's worst team. Its like boxing a girl. If you win.. well its a girl, if you lose its just embarrassing.
  12. I don't think this defense can stop anyone with a lead or without. We have had the lead in several games this season and still blew it.
  13. I am going to the game tomorrow, hopefully its not as bad in person.
  14. HA! They also said we would win 2-4 games this year! Just proves they know nothing.
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