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  1. Does anyone know where I can find out why today's game is once again not televised by Comcast in my viewing area (north central Indiana), a HUGE Colts Nation population? Who makes the decision and assumes I would rather watch NE vs CIN? Yep, we are * again! UU GO HORSE UU
  2. I sure would like to be at the game today, but that's another story. The BIG story in northern Indiana is that the game is NOT televised! Comcast cable is carrying 3 NFC north games. This is week one Comcast - get your head out and give fans what they are paying for!
  3. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Today's game is not televised in north central Indiana and I'm stuck with CLE vs NYG. I could have swore that I saw it on cable guide. WHAT'S UP WITH NO TELECAST??? UU COLTS UU
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