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  1. How you gave sheldon richardson a C+?? The guy is the best player in that draft
  2. To the people saying that brady still got the arm strength that may be true, what he does not have is the receivers to stretch the field like the broncos do.
  3. I really don't want him to leave
  4. Just realized that this years divisional round actually represents all the divisions in football AFC Pats- East Denver- West Colts-South Ravens- North NFC Dallas-East Seattle-West Carolina-South Packers- North And also we have the same match ups in both conferences: East vs North South vs West The NFL is rigged!!!
  5. Wow there goes any playoffs chances
  6. alexpr

    Week 17

    The regular season is coming to an end and the Indianapolis Colts are locked in the 4th seed. I know a lot of people here thinks that we should play this game to practice and try to get into a rhythm, but I do not think that's the right thing to do. I think the coaching staff and the players should start watching tape and game planning against either the bengals and the steelers (or only 2 possible opponents), that way we don't risk any injuries and players should be more focused on the wildcard round. I think we need a fresh start. My other opinion is that I think everyone or most of the people here wanted the first or the second seed that comes with a bye week, and given our circumstance we are in the exact same situation so why should not we take advantage of it? I say rest the starters, start game planning and try to start focus and fresh in the playoffs were anything can happen.
  7. I would have actually wanted the cowboys to have a 100% demarco murray, I want to see if our D is capable of doing something in the playoffs.
  8. Laron landry: 90 tackles, 3 int, 5 FF, 2 sacks Hakeem Nicks
  9. Ok here i go with the games i think will be aired in primetime: Sunday/Monday night: Denver - Andrew luck is 1-0 against manning lets see if he can get revenge this time at denver. Redskins - RG3 vs Luck... enough said. Patriots - Brady is 2-0 against Luck, this has to change. Thursday night: One game against a divisional rival. There's still plenty of choices like the game against the eagles, dallas maybe in thanksgiving, ravens, etc... whats your prediction?
  10. A new era will begin in indianapolis... the big 3 are gone. (satele, mcglynn, linkebach)
  11. @Steve_Cardenas: @RapSheet Are the Colts one of those teams? @rapsheet On Alex Mack? Yes. Ravens, too. RT
  12. Cam: This is the hand everyone talks about? Can I touch it? Luck: Slowly...
  13. What grade we got for last years draft? I mean when the season ended, it should be A+. Andrew luck, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, T.Y. Hilton, Vick ballard. That draft was crazy
  14. We had 8 turnovers in 2 game, what was the defense supposed to do??
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