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  1. I am from a City called Aarhus (second biggest City i Denmark) you should definately look forward to the visit, should be a good time!
  2. Just bought my ticket Yesterday! So ready for my 4th Colts game!
  3. Adam schefter wrote on his facebook, that word around the nfl, Says that andrew luck's and russell Wilsons new contract would be around 24-25 mil a year
  4. In sorry ;) really bummed the colts let hin go...
  5. Ceaser rayford? Playing for the colts last year traded to Dallas?? Pretty god offseason
  6. I read somewhere that he played 7% of the defensive snaps, hope he his 100% soon!
  7. does anybody know what the episode is called or what number and season it is?
  8. Whalen, is probably the first to be activated from the PS if needed, hopefully Rogers gets to play sometime in the close future!
  9. Not saying it is stickum, just stating that there was something sticking out from the glove
  10. Not a god picture, i know but there is something sticking out from wayne's glove Could not post pic, but if you Can watch the game, you Can see it on his Right glove with about 5.51 ledt in the 2. Quarter
  11. Yep, 1 in 2008 31-3 colts over ravens Best Day in my life!! But just Confirmed my trip to watch the two first home games this season cant Wait!
  12. i read somewhere, cant find source. That Cunninghams deal was 4years 2.205mil i believe
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