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  1. I love me some Madden!!
  2. Agreed, I don't wanna face the mastermind either! But if the Colts were to pull it off, I think it would hurt Manning a whole lot less then if the Broncos lost to another AFC team.. I dunno
  3. Well, tonight the Broncos improved to 10-3! I am so happy for Peyton, and I wish his team the best of luck.. But who would have expected to see both Peyton Manning recovered and playing strong, PLUS Andrew Luck and the Colts with a 8-4 record!! Luck already has show he can come back and win.. What other QB's throw 3 INT and still wins the game with 4 TD's?? I am darn proud of our team!! I am also so happy for Garcon who had a great game this past weekend!! Good times!! Happy Holidays all! Don't stress away your happiness this time of year!
  4. I make my own Luck thank you very much - Andrew Luck, not really LOL

  5. One day while having lunch in the cafeteria in middle school. I heard my name go out over the announcement speaker, they told me to come down to the office; that my mother was waiting for me. I was overjoyed for a moment, hoping I'd be getting out of school. At the time my Grandma had cancer and my mom would let me play hookie on occasion so I could help my grandma around her house with misc chores and such. I had no problem keeping up in school so it didn't interfere with my school work. While heading toward the office I recognized my mom walking toward me down the hallway.. She was cr
  6. Anyone ever see The Ghost and the Darkness? We're gonna handle these Lions..

  7. Anyone ever watch The Ghost and the Darkness? It's a movie about a couple of crazy Lions that wreck havoc among a group of African bridge builders. All in all they take the lives of 130+ people.. It took the bridge builder and a rifle to end it all. The Colts are also in a similar place as they are building right now, and they are under threat from a couple of Lions.. We just gotta hold the rifle steady.. In other words, the Team has to stand strong or they are gonna fall victim as well. The Lions have a few weapons, and they can score points, we have all seen it.. Lets go Colts, is all
  8. Anyone ever see The Ghost in the Darkness? We're gonna handle these Lions..

  9. The Lion is formidable, but a my horse would kick it in the head!

  10. To say sitting at 7-4 that the Colts haven't stepped it up would be a down right lie! With practically a rookie class on offense these guys are flying pretty darn good. I expect great things from this bunch in the coming years.. Anyone foolish enough to say that Wayne should have exited with the other half of the team during the off season should be blitzed! Wayne is putting up huge numbers and should def go to the Pro-bowl; talk about talent!! Luck has been pretty good too, one more win and the guy will already have broken two NFL records! Cam Newton who? Just playing!
  11. Great first half guys, you win some you lose some..

    1. Nadine


      really great first quarter!

    2. MIColtsFan


      didn't get to see it.. stupid overtime!!!!!!!! wwwaaahhhhh

    3. alawai


      And some you just erase from your memory! Got our butt whumped but got to learn from it and move on.

  12. I've just had over 3000 blog views!! Thanx guys, and I hope you have found it somewhat entertaining :D

    1. Nadine


      yes I do. Thanks for blogging!

    2. southwest1


      That's quite a remarkable achievement YSGC! Nicely Done!

  13. Alright guys, we are sitting pretty at 6-3 right now, 5th seeded playoff team.. Where do we go from here? We have an intense match-up Sunday against our rival New England Patriots, so what can we do to survive? Our D has got to be on it. They will be missing the 12th man for this game, so we all need to do what we can from home. SO I PROPOSE we all go outside when our defense is on the field and scream our support!!! Maybe if we all scream loud enough we will crumble the walls of Gillette Stadium!! Just playing guys, so nobody get themselves sick from the cold and come crying to me! Th
  14. I am loving it, been saying for a while that RG3 is getting a lot of hype.. He really reminds me of a young Vick.. He is exciting and explosive at the run but, he has been overshadowing my boy Andy Luck.. Yep that's right, good ole' Andy.. He is one nice guy.. I have watched all his post-game interviews and the guy is a really humble dude. He has extreme football awareness and like Coach Arians said, he can't throw guys off like Big Ben but he is a big guy and is very hard to tackle. Just a very unique player/person. Well most polls are showing Andrew Luck as the mid-season rookie of t
  15. This is a Facebook cover I made this year!
  16. In support of Chuck, I shaved my head as well!
  17. For Chuck, of the Indianapolis Colts. Also for my father, my grandma, and all other people affected by cancer.

    1. BrentMc11


      May all be blessed battling illnesses and pain...and life's tough times and tragedies.

  18. YellScreamGoColts


    For Chuck, of the Indianapolis Colts. Also for my father, my grandma, and all other people affected by cancer.
  19. From the album: CHUCKSTRONG

    For Chuck, of the Indianapolis Colts. Also for my father, my grandma, and all other people affected by cancer.
  20. Fleetwood Mac, thanks for inspiring people who just feel like running!!

    1. southwest1


      "Don't stop thinkin' bout tomorrow" Now, I have Stevie Knicks singing in my head too. Awesome YellScreamGoColts!

  21. Chuck inspires not only the players but the fans~! Lets Go Chuck!!!
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