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  1. New Year, New Gear!!!  GO HORSE

  2. It's been a while since I updated my blog.. You see my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he would live for a maximum of 2 weeks.. That was several months ago.. Sadly my family lost him, December 18th. He fought as hard as he could.. In fact it reminded me of when Chuck got cancer.. I shaved my head for the guy.. You see my family bleeds blue... Dad, was such an awesome man and a die-hard Colts fan.. I feel blessed to have gotten to celebrate multiple Superbowl appearances with him.. He was the most gentle spirit I think i will ever come in contact with. You will be missed Randy Gantt. PS He insisted we bury him in his Colts gear, Ski cap included.. What a fun guy, the world is smaller without you.
  3. RIP Dad, Randy Gantt, he insisted we bury him in his Colts gear.. Love you dad..

  4. Good luck this week Hasselbeck!!!

  5. We are in a lucky spot with our division, Lets get it together guys.

  6. Go Colts, stampede them Titans!

  7. Woohoo Football Season Is Here!!!

    1. southwest1


      Say that again man. In fact, can you shout that joyously from the rooftops please? I'll wait. Thanks Yell Scream Go Colts. :)

  8. Farewell to the men who have played their last down in Indy. Welcome to the club new arrivals!

  9. Thanks for the memories! 87

  10. I will always remember Reggie Wayne. He was one of the most explosive threats I have ever seen in my young 30 year life.. Though there have always been doubters, seeing his career in INDY coming to a close seems fateful. These guys are immortal in the eyes of their fans but we need to realize just how precious the players are. 3 1/2 years is the average for players in the NFL, Reggie wasn't settling for that. With all of the trouble floating around in the NFL, Reggie Wayne excelled on and off the field. You are a good man bro. I will always remember.. It's a sad day for me.
  11. Yeah I don't like this guy..
  12. Boo Carl. Luck has like twice as many playoff wins as Manning had during his first 4-5 years in Indy. I've seen manning throw 4 INT in his prime as a Colt in the playoffs. Bad game, but I think the issue is more Pep than Andrew..
  13. Better LUCK next year...

    1. southwest1


      INDY did have a tremendous year & we took another big step getting to the AFC Championship Game. The Colts are in a good place franchise wise right now. We have work to do on the o-line & d-line, but I am confident that we are ascending & that good things await us down the road in 2015.

  14. YellScreamGoColts

    Colts FB Cover(s)

    Included are some custom made colts Facebook covers!
  15. Woohoo Great game guys, now on to Denver!

  16. I am loving where we are as a team. Luck is a true leader and he never blames his receivers!
  17. Right there with you, expectations are ridiculous.. I think Luck has more pressure on him than Steve Young had!
  18. Wow, what a great game!! This is what i would have loved to have said.. Sadly I was unable to watch the game, though I did give my best effort to follow the game on my tablet. I tell you what, it looked like Andrew Luck wanted to avenge the previous games disaster.. I was happy to see Wayne make the highlight reel. They say the average NFL player only last 3 1/2 years. To see Wayne still flying, makes me want to cry like he did, during our national anthem. Hey question, who is digging the Amish look that Luck is putting down?
  19. To say that I am proud just wouldn't be enough.. Last night I watched Peyton Manning set the record for TD's I believe he now has 510. He looks to have another couple good years too, which would be sad to say if Manning had been replaced by anyone other than Andrew Luck. Right now as Colts fans we have the best of both worlds! We get to watch our young QB grow up and we get to watch Manning not simply retire, but go out swinging. The NFL is as exciting as ever! WOOHOO I love football season!
  20. What a fun game to watch!! SHUTOUT

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